Not all bad

I had a bit of a weep on the couch yesterday because I felt like such a holiday failure.

I sent maudlin texts to DD and he reminded me that there were lots of good bits: Bluesfest, swims, sunrises …

That’s true, but it’s still a bit of a killer when your kids spend most of the holiday in their bedrooms.

The eldest stumbled across me blubbing during one of their junk food reccies.

They assured me the holiday hadn’t been a total bust because … Iggy!

God bless Iggy Pop.

It’s also been pretty wonderful – for me – that the beach is just a few steps away and looks like this every morning …


And it’s great that we’re staying in a big townhouse with our own bedrooms.

There’s also been a whole other side to the holiday I haven’t told you about. DD flew up for three days of Bluesfest, his brother flew up for one day of Bluesfest and Son of D1 lobbed in for a night on his way back from playing at a music festival called Bunny Eats Grass (the one where two people were found dead in their teepee … eeek … how awful, awful, awful).

All those visitors made it a bit hectic, but it was good to be able to offer a comfortable place for DD’s relatives to have a chat and sleep.

It was also lovely to have DD along for part of the trip. He even made two batches of raspberry lemonade scones for everyone.

And looked very delicious at Bluesfest …


I was so sad to see him go on Monday morning, with three days of uncommunicative teens stretching ahead of me.

It was good to make my peace with the 15 year old last night though. I felt a teeny bit less like a loser mum after our chat.

The single parent thing also means feeling guilty that you can’t give your kids all the bells and whistles while you’re away.

We ate hot chips at Bluesfest and most other meals have been courtesy of Woolies. The youngest asked if we could go out for dinner on our last night and I (secretly) freaked out when I googled all the nearby restaurants and saw how much it would cost to feed five of us.


In the end I decided to suck it up and not worry that even the local Indian restaurant was $20+ a main.

Well, try not to worry.

And, much to my surprise, dinner was fun. We wandered down to the restaurant via the beach and the kids laughed and chased crabs and were lovely company.

Go figure!

Anyways … now it’s time to head home. Wish me luck on the silent nine-hour drive.

Song of the day: Bjork “It’s oh so quiet”


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