That’s a bit sick

There are heaps of snarky memes in cyber space along the lines of “Mum flu: like normal flu, except no one gives a shit” and “I’m sick, looks like I’ll be sleeping and laying in bed all day. Oh wait, I’m a mum.”

It goes up a notch when you’re a sick single mum because you don’t have another parent in the house to share the load, no matter how insignificant you perceive their contribution to be.

I felt pretty blergh yesterday with a mild to moderate virus, but I rousted myself and the eldest from bed, threw the ball 500 times for the very insistent dog, drove the youngest to school, went to work for the day because daily drinks news websites don’t write themselves, drove home to take the youngest to netball training, drove home again to put dinner in the oven, drove back to collect the youngest, served dinner …

Etc, etc.

It wasn’t bulk fun. But it had to be done.

It’s times like those that I wish I was living in a two-adult household. It would be great to share the load and have someone say “You just lie on the couch, I’ll get you a peppermint tea.”

Although … I love having the bed to myself when I’m sniffly and tossy and turny. Much more relaxing than when you’re trying to stifle coughs and stay still because there’s someone else in the bed.

I probably shouldn’t have gone to work yesterday, but I knew if I stayed home the dog would have barked and barked and barked at me until I threw the ball 10,000 times, so I decided it would be quieter in the office, which is saying something as the ceiling collapsed over the weekend due to a water leak and there are industrial fans constantly roaring beside me.

I’m tottering towards an Easter break. I need it. My body is feeling burnt out. Things keep going wrong with it because it’s so run down.

Oh, AND because I’m 51 … nah, still can’t believe that.

Fifty freaking one.

I’m having four days off work in addition to the public holidays over the next few weeks … a whole nine day stint of only doing a teensy bit of work (gotta keep the Drinks Trade website and social media chugging along – no one else has been trained to do it yet)!

Can’t wait! Though it kinda feels like I need four months off. I’d love to stop for a while, but there’s no chance of that when you’re on your own with two kids.

There’s a machine called single-mum life that needs to be maintained and it’s a bloody expensive one.

Ah well, nine days is way better than none.

Song of the day: Bill Withers “Lean on me”






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  1. I hear you and it may have well be me writing this one!!! Ditto and 51 woah!!! How did that happen…. can’t we stay under 50 pleeeze!!! I hope we get well soon xo

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