Modern family milestones

Yesterday was one of those life less ordinary days I tend to have.

I left work at lunchtime to take the youngest to the doctor. Her allergic march has taken another frustrating turn – headaches, stomach aches, hives. Diagnosis: give up dairy for a month.

Out the window went pizza and cake for the eldest’s birthday, at least for the youngest. I asked if she wanted to wait until today to start the diet, but she was feeling so crap that she wanted to kick it off immediately.

Then I headed home to tap out a couple of booze stories before decorating the birthday cake.

The eldest had requested a brownie layer cake with fresh cream and caramel, then drizzled with chocolate icing. I’m a bit of a newbie with cream, so I daftly bought double cream, which immediately liquified and ran in rivulets down the sides of the cake. I told myself it looked artistic …

Then I frantically tidied up the house before welcoming the kids’ paternal grandparents to the celebration. It was their first visit to my new place, so I wanted to make a good impression.

That was shattered when the eldest emerged from her festy bedroom in pyjamas and, when I reminded her we were having visitors, just shrugged her shoulders and said she’d worn pyjamas when her grandparents visited her dad’s place the night before.

Well, OK then.

DD popped in briefly on his way home from the airport with some chocolate for the eldest, shook hands with my husband and in-laws and had a couple of pieces of pizza and a glass of red with the gang.

Ah, the weird wonderfulness of modern families.

Everyone seemed very zen about hanging out together, although I was a bit freaked out on the inside.

After DD hit the road we lit the candles and did the happy birthday song and took 500 million photos. The eldest even struck funny poses in some of them, which surprised me because photos are normally banned.

My ex and I gave her Fall Out Boy tickets as her gift. She seemed pleased.

Then we had an awkward conversation about whether I should be part of the family Kris Kringle this year. My ex is super keen to keep me in it. I have no idea why.

Everyone hugged goodbye, the non residents left the building to continue the Kringle debate in the car, and I had a nice, big, soothing glass of wine to wind down.

So many modern milestones in just 90 minutes.

Song of the day: Queen “Crazy little thing called love”

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