Don’t take that away from me!

My parents’ phone number hasn’t changed in 53 years. They got it in 1964 when they bought their first house in Ashbury Street, Adamstown Heights.

OK, it got a 49 in front of it at some stage, but the rest of those numbers have been a constant in my life since birth.

It’s being disconnected today and I’ll never be able to call it again.

My parents are moving into an apartment in a completely different part of town and the old number can’t be transported to the new place.

Noooooooooo! I love that number! Sob!

Mum told me the bad news on Sunday when I called to see how the packing was going. My sister and her hubby had driven up for the day to help..

I was a slacker and stayed in Sydney. Not very dutiful of me.

My ultra-dutiful sister took a massive load of stuff to the new place and hauled lots of booty back to Sydney for me – I’m getting all the towels (except for the pink and purple ones I rejected, blergh), a vaccum cleaner, assorted throw rugs and a vegetable spiraliser.

Mum is minimising her possessions because she’s still a bit PTSD from the weeks she spent clearing out my horder grandmother’s place.

There’s also a box of spirits for my sister and I to duke it out over. I was a bit startled when Mum showed me her spirits cabinet, because she and Dad only drink wine. But apparently the booze came with the house. The previous owners were going back to the old country and left most of their possessions for Mum and Dad, even the garbage in the waste paper bin.

Hence a motley collection of everything from Southern Comfort to Smirnoff. Bags the Cointreau!

After I rang my mum, I called my sis for her version of events. She said the brand spanking apartment is huge and lovely. She was less impressed by the resident who welcomed her as a new resident of the block, it being an over-55s assisted living place and all …

That made me laugh a little too long and loud … but it has been a tumultuous few weeks and I needed the release, especially when my sister was so dark about it.

NB She does not look like someone who is over 55 and needs assisted living.

My sister also said the facilities at the place are amazing – the clubhouse has a pool and barbecue area and pool table and is kitted out like something from an interior design show.

I can’t wait to see it.

I think the move will be awesome for mum and dad – dad will enjoy all the social stuff (Mum already had an over-active social life) and the daily water aerobics classes.

I’m really happy for them … I just wish they could keep their old number … even though I usually call Mum on her mobile … Ooops, I didn’t mean to tell you that … There goes my pity party.

Do you still know your childhood phone number off by heart? Can you believe we once survived without mobile phones? My kids are getting a bit sick of the “in my day” stories. 

I’m still having fun with my Nan’s slides, here are some more featuring the house where it all began …

Song of the day: Blondie “Hanging on the telephone”

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  1. Helenburgh 2087 – (the place in Scotland, 1974-1977). Gosport 81954 (1977-198?). Then they added a 5 and proper national dial codes. 0705 581954. They moved into a new house with new number 20 years ago. I’m not writing that number here…

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