Theoretically upset

On second thoughts, let’s start with the actually upsetting stuff and get to the theoretical distress later in the post. Soooo … I took Charlie the Moodle to the vet for his yearly check up and the vet informed me he needs some sort of double knee replacement surgery that will cost $2600. Genetic flaw […]

Happiness is a slippery sucker

These past few weeks, happiness has felt like trying to catch a salmon as it leaps and darts upstream. It’s shimmering and elusive, constantly slipping out of my hands. Worry keeps sleep at bay. I wake weary, daunted by the prospect of fishing all over again. I feel ashamed of my struggle. I have friends […]

Sad resting face

You’ve probably heard of “bitchy resting face”. Just in case you haven’t, Wikipedia describes it as: “Resting bitch face, also known as RBF or bitchy resting face, is a term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous.” I’ve often thought I suffer from this First World problem. […]

That changes everything

The eldest would happily spend every waking – and sleeping – hour wearing black jeans, a black T-shirt and Doc Marten boots. She HATES being stuck in a blue school dress five days a week. Hates it. As we were sitting outside on the couch the other night (it’s still there, collecting bird poo, because […]

Scratching the itch

It’s been an itchy-scratchy kinda week in the Household. DD’s deck is usually a blissfully mozzie-free zone but the little bastards descended on Sunday night and went to town on me. I’m one of those annoying people that get bites the size of 50c pieces that hang around FOREVER. I followed it up on Monday […]

Envy is a curse

Or is it jealous that’s a curse? It’s so hot – I can’t think straight. It was still 32C in my neck of the woods when I got home after 10pm last night. Thirty two freaking degrees! I was deeply envious of the hum of my neighbours’ air-conditioning unit as I trudged past it to […]

He still doesn’t get it

I freaked my intern out again yesterday. I asked him to write me a press release on the drinks association’s upcoming awards night. I sent a few dot points to him via email to get around the whole thick accent problem and a few minutes later his confused head popped over the partition. “Um … […]

Just a quickie

I only have a few minutes to squeeze this in … I need to be at work at 7.15am as I’m off to a breakfast meeting in the city. Cue heavy breathing for all the wrong quickie reasons. A back-to-school week with the kids and a hectic work schedule have collided, and I’m feeling a […]