Chrissy cruising time

I had my office Christmas party yesterday. It was bulk fun. The drinks association team headed off on a catamaran, cruising Sydney Harbour for four hours. We dropped anchor at the Clifton Gardens beach for a swim, had a barbecue on the boat, cruised a bit more, then the boat made its to Walsh Bay […]

Ask me about THAT over a chardy

I had dinner with a few of my old magazine mates earlier this week. We had such a good natter about friends and foes in the industry and what they were up to these days. We also gave each other the abbreviated rundown on our personal lives – 2016 has been quite the year for […]

Burning ears

Remember me asking my daughter to send a text every few days letting me know she was OK on her school band trip to America … and her looking at me like I’d asked her to scrub the toilet with her toothbrush? Well, I rang my ex yesterday to moan that despite leaving the country […]

Desolation deja vu

Christmas 2014 heralded “The Desolation of Smiggle” … Christmas 2016 will go down as “The Skirmish of Supernatural.” You might recall the merry hell I went through to get a Smiggle advent calendar for my youngest daughter a few years ago. She wanted one BAD. So I tried our local Smiggle store. Nup, sucked dry. […]

Don’t leave me this way

My barely 13-year-old daughter is flying to the United States today on a school band tour. I am totally freaking out. I’ve regretted agreeing to the tour ever since I put down the deposit. And not just because it’s costing me an absolute bloody fortune. Back in MY day … says Grannie Al … you […]

My secret date

A champagne orgasm hasn’t been the only highlight of this week. I also managed to escape the daily grind for a sneaky night out with DD. He scored a room at the Intercontinental for a work conference thingy and invited me over to steal the toiletries (actually, I did that on the sly) and paint […]

Emotionally aspirational blogging

Confession: sometimes Housegoeshome is emotionally aspirational. By that I mean I’ll write a blog post that’s about how I want to feel – and know I should feel – but haven’t quite managed to feel (yet) in reality. I could have written one of those blogs yesterday, but I was too shattered to wax lyrical […]

Rediscovering joy

The 10-year-old sent me a message yesterday letting me know she was home safely from school. I asked whether she’d had a good day and she replied: “Awesome day we watched mr bean in the afternoon.” I love that a kid can describe a day at school as “awesome.” I think there’s something to be […]

Solving the custody jigsaw

As the weeks evaporate before school ends, I stare at January 2017 on my calendar and wonder how on earth I’m going to juggle it. My ex is working insane hours most of the month – until 8pm many nights during the week. And, in a master stroke of unfortunate timing, my office is closing […]