26 celebrity Christmas trees

I’ve been stickybeaking at celebrity living rooms and their Christmas trees on Instagram, so I thought I’d share the joy.

It also gives you a break from my daily waffling.

Though you’re probably wondering how the eldest’s airport pick-up went … I didn’t cry … she was slightly giddy with exhaustion and her haul of Supernatural/My Chemical Romance/Panic At The Disco haul from the US … she also complained bitterly about a fellow band traveller who insisted on talking to her for about half an hour on the plane trip home before admitting verbal defeat and leaving her in peace.

I dropped her off at her dad’s last night in a black Supernatural beanie, Supernatural necklaces, My Chemical Romance T-shirt and Doc Marten boots with a Supernatural throw rug under her arm in case she got cold … in late December … Very festive.

Anyways, back to those celebrity Christmas trees …

Are you a fake or a real tree kinda person?

I’m sticking with our manky old fake one, while my ex ponys up for a real one each year.

Song of the day:
Bing Crosby & David Bowie – “The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)”

4 thoughts on “26 celebrity Christmas trees

  1. Got a fake white tree for my new home. It’s not big but it’s taller than my son so that’s the main thing. I’ve gone minimal (very unlike me) and just decorated it with turquoise and silver baubles with my photograph of Bondi Baths above it (all turquoise, white and silver)

  2. Sorry but real. We found one on our farm. It’s way to big and has fallen over 7 times but it smells like Christmas. Ugly as hell but perfect in its own way

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