Tough reminder

There’s nothing like getting horribly ill to remind you of the downsides of being a single mum.

I felt pretty miserable and alone yesterday as I struggled to parent my kids while battling the flu.

When you’re married and sick there’s another adult to take your child to band practice at 7.15am; help them with their homework after school, duck to the chemist and get you some more Codral, sort out dinner, pack the dishwasher …

But yesterday there was just me. I was swaying a bit as I waited for my order at the local BBQ chicken shop, thinking “please hurry up, please hurry up.”

When I got home, I chucked some chicken and chips on plates for the kids, downed two Codral and headed back to bed for a little self-pity weep.

Once that was over I started feeling cross about it all, thinking it was so bloody unfair.

But life isn’t fair. It doles out good and bad indiscriminantly.

Having someone to share the load would be lovely, but I’ve been given other blessings.

Unfortunately one of them won’t be going to Jazz In the Vines today for my Dad’s birthday. I’m still too poorly to make the trip. So my sister will take the kids – bless her – and I’ll spend another day in bed.

The little fur bastards will think it’s awesome because that’s where they’ll spend the day too – they’re never usually allowed in my bed but it’s the only way to shut them up so I can get some rest.

Wishing you a better weekend than me. Hope you have something fun planned.




11 thoughts on “Tough reminder

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  1. Been there and did that a couple of weeks back…two days straight, in bed, feeling like total crap! Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it, other than ride it out. 😩
    I did get to watch ALL the Star Wars movies on Foxtel though…
    Get well soon. 👍

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon. I hate being sick. Hope your dad and the rest of the fam bam have a great time albeit without you.

    Hey were you still at WD when that photo you liked of mine today? They were plastered all over the front cover and a spread inside …

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