No self-restraint, none at all

I had the best intentions when it came to my friend Catherine’s 50th birthday party on Saturday night.

An early one, I said.

Not too much to drink, I said.

Pffffft! As if there’s the tiniest bit of self-restraint in me …

I mean, things were never going to be low-key when they started with strawberry-infused vodka, were they?

Just in case you missed the mixology: I marinated strawberries in vodka for a week, added some sugar syrup and vanilla, poured it into a bottle and took it to my friend Suse’s house for a pre-party tipple.

I planned on just having one, but when Suse offered to make me another, I was putty in her hands.

DD sensibly said no to the second glass and went for a beer instead.

He was feeling waaaay better than me yesterday morning.

After polishing off the strawberry-infused vodka we tottered down the hill to the party at our local bowlo … and ordered more champagne.

Actually, it was $5-a-glass sparkling. Bargain!

Catherine is a top Irish chick and we knew she’d throw an awesome party.

She’d even booked Pizza Picchio to sent up a catering tent and serve endless pizzas all night.

My friend Mel had spent weeks beforehand worrying that Grease songs wouldn’t feature on the dancefloor. She needn’t have, there was a rousing medley that we danced around to like fools while DD leaned against a pokie machine and had a chuckle.

He then thought it wise to shepherd me home. Things get a bit hazy after that until I woke with the dry horrors at 3am.

I was a little slow yesterday, but I still managed to drag DD to my Sunday morning Pump class. He was initially resistant until I assured him there was no dancing involved.

He admitted afterwards that it was much tougher than he thought it would be.

Then we poured vast amounts of caffeine into our bodies to get through the rest of the day, before he took me to this delicious Mexican place called Mexicano, in Narrabeen, for the most delicious hangover food. Those soft tacos were yuuuuuuuuuuum.

I can’t believe I’ll be having a 50th birthday in less than two years.

Where HAVE the years gone?

I wonder if I should have a party …

Here are a few snaps from Catherine’s (who, damn her, only looked old enough to be having 40th) … plus a few of my hangover dinner last night …

Oh, and happy, happy, HAPPY birthday Catherine!

Song of the day: Wang Chung “Everybody have fun tonight”



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