The seasons of my life

There was ice all over my car windscreen yesterday morning.

I don’t remember EVER having ice on my car in Sydney before.


I was so bloody cold last night that I couldn’t get to sleep. Flannelette pyjamas, bed socks, doona, dressing gown draped over the top … and still shivering an hour later.

DD, however, has picked the perfect weather for a trip to the snow with his kids. He managed to book himself a townhouse in Jindabyne on Saturday morning, then hit the road 24 hours later … he really does love a last-minute plan coming together.

He’s having a wonderful time, which makes me so happy for him. He adores a road trip with his kids … and skiing. So it’s the perfect combo.

He sent me a photo of yesterday’s gorgeous conditions:


I miss him though.

I’ve been reminiscing about the three nights we spent together in snowy Lake Tahoe earlier this year.

I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere as beautiful as Lake Tahoe.

It was soooooooo gorgeous it took my breath away … or perhaps it was the -8C temperatures?

Let’s stick with it being the scenery.

We flew from Savannah to Reno, then drove up into the mountains. It was fairytale gorgeous, with all the pine tree covered in snow. As we crested the mountains, Lake Tahoe sparkled below us and we were dazzled.

My most memorable moments were sitting in the outdoor spa at our hotel as the steam swirled around us and the stars twinkled overhead; and snowmobiling for two hours in the forest.

It was such a happy place for us. And there will be many more of those. Some in the snow, some in the sun.

I’ve never been a snow person. I went skiing once, when I was 15. Didn’t like it.


The sun brought back all the freckles I’d spent my teen years fading. And I hated the loss of control as I skidded down the slopes.

Skiing at 48 with my dodgy pelvis (chicken splits injury) isn’t on my must-do agenda, but I have to admit, the snow is pretty damn beautiful.

Here’s a repost of some of my favourite photographs from Tahoe:

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Landslide” (Not appropriate, but so beautiful, one of my favourite songs ever, and it mentions snow)


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