Why can’t every day start like THIS?

I drove to Avalon Beach at 6.30am yesterday for a little piece of Indian summer.

It was blissful.

DD and I went for a sandy walk, had a splash in the ocean, ordered coffee and bacon rolls at a wholefood cafe called Nourished and generally felt like we were on holidays for three hours.

I told him it’s the way I want every day to start in eight years time, when both my kids finish high school. That’s when I’m making my move from a busy road to the beach.

In the meantime I’ll just have to steal lazy moments when I can.

Mind you, my brain didn’t really slow down.

When I was uncharacteristically quiet for a few moments, DD asked what I was thinking. I thought about lying and saying “nothing” but decided to hit him with both barrels.

“Well … I was wondering whether to put another sausage in the rogan josh sausages for dinner tonight, then I worried about whether serving mimosas for breakfast on Mother’s Day would wreck me for the rest of the day, then I remembered I need to get the eldest a school band shirt for her concert on Saturday night, then I wondered what I should have for lunch, then I plotted the route I should take to get to my friend Wendy’s house for a cup of tea when I leave here, then …”

I think he regretted asking. He really wants me to stop over-thinking everything so much. But it’s a hard habit to break.

I’m not sure I’ll ever totally get there, but beach mornings are a good start.

Lucky me!

Here are some happy snaps (taken on DD’s inferior iPhone5 because … gasp … I forgot to take my iPhone6) …


Song of the day: Smoke City “Underwater love”


2 thoughts on “Why can’t every day start like THIS?

  1. Looks like the most glorious way to start the day. Stopping the thinking let me know how that goes for you. It would be amazing to be able to lie or sit on the beach and really have nothing going through the brain!

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