All the celebs at Coachella 2016

Many of you will be asking: “What is Coachella 2016?”

And: “Why should I care?”

Well, if you’re under 30 you’ll care because all the cool under 30 people – and Cindy Crawford – are there. That Kylie Jenner person, Brooklyn Beckham, Ava Philippe (Reese Witherspoon’s daughter), Hailey Baldwin …

So you’ll be pleased to here I’ve collected all the best Instagram pics of them for you.

If you’re over 30, this blog is a chance for you to get a quick Coachella 101 so you can appear knowledgeable if it happens to come up in conversation when you’re talking to someone cool and under 30.

Coachella is the American version of Glastonbury – you know, the muddy one that Kate Moss always attends in gumboots and tiny shorts.

It’s the celebrity music festival of choice that’s held in super-trendy Palm Springs each spring. Celebs tend to think they’ve time warped to Woodstock, so there’s always lots of crochet and plaits and floral head pieces.

Refinery 29 says: “The first weekend of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is upon us, featuring headliners LCD Soundsystem, Guns N’ Roses, and Calvin Harris…not to mention a seriously mouthwatering roster of food vendors and a seemingly endless list of festival-adjacent parties filled to the gills with young Hollywood.”

(Calvin Harris is Taylor Swift’s boyf, so she’s a major fixture.)

Here are the happy snaps so far:



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