Is there anything more beautiful?

There may be things more beautiful than the clear aquamarine waves that were crashing at Freshwater Beach yesterday.

But, as I stood knee-deep in the surf, I was totally mesmerised.

I wished my camera was waterproof so I could capture their glory.

They reminded me of a gorgeous series by my favourite photographer, Narelle Autio: The Seventh Wave. One of the huge prints – pictured above – hangs on the wall of my living room. My ex-husband didn’t want it. I don’t know how he let it go. Add it to the list.

Once upon a time, it hung on a gorgeous teal wall in our apartment at Bondi Beach. It looked stunning there. It’s a little out of place on a busy road in suburbia, but one day it will return to the seaside where it belongs.

Speaking of the beach … I took a deep breath – and lots of Kleeenex – and hauled my weary, sick body, the kids and their cousin to the surf for a few hours yesterday.

It seemed a crime to waste such a gorgeous April day.

I’d resolved to stay on the sand, but I just couldn’t resist taking a quick dip. The water was so mellow and warm. Bliss.

But I was pretty knocked around when I got home again. After some recovery time on the couch, I made a yummy baked Brie bread thingy I’d seen on Facebook. Well, an Alana version of it, and took it to my sister’s place for dinner.




(Cut the top off a brie, cut a hole in a cob, place the brie inside. Combine olive oil, fresh rosemary and garlic in a food processor. Sprinkle some on the brie. Slice deep vertical and horizontal cuts into a loaf of bread and drizzle the rosemary mixture into them. Drizzle a little on the brie, too. Sprinkle everything with a little sea salt. Bake in the oven until the brie is gooey. Dip the rosemary bread pieces into it. Mmmmm.)

Nom nom, I must make it again when I’m well. Gawd knows when that will be.

Here are some no-filter beach happy snaps. It really was that divine.

I noted on Instagram – for the handstand shot – that the stork must have brought the youngest … because she certainly doesn’t get her athleticism from her parents. She’s training for 90 minutes almost every day in the lead up to the state skipping championships and she’s all grace and gristle.


Song of the day: The Little Heroes “One Perfect Day”





2 thoughts on “Is there anything more beautiful?

  1. I love the water even when it is really churned up it is so calming (well eventually)!
    It is a good metaphor for life just roll with the waves and eventually everything calms to something beautiful.
    Must have been a lovely day in Sydney. The water might have helped clear out the gunk too

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