Surviving my high school reunion

Going to my 30-year high school reunion on Saturday night wasn’t without drama.


I was hurtling up the Sydney to Newcastle expressway at around 5.45pm when my phone pinged with a message. I checked it 10-minutes later during a wee stop and realised it was from my old friend Megan and said: “We are leaving Waratah now [to pick you up from your mum’s house].

Except I wasn’t at my mum’s house, was I? Noooooo, I was on the freeway. And I’d mixed up the high school reunion being on November 7 with it STARTING at 7.

It was actually starting at 6pm.

Cue panic attack.

I eventually traced Megan to my mum’s couch, where she and another old friend, Megan, were catching up on the last 30 years of my mum’s life.

That’s Mee-gan and Meg-an.

They kindly agreed to remain on my mum’s couch until I could screech to a halt out the front, so we could enter the reunion as a united force. We were a teensy bit nervous about going to the reunion because we ran with the geek crowd at high school. Actually, we WERE the geek crowd … and most other people attending had been part of the cool or at least cool-ish crowd … or at least not weirdos.

Meg-an and I, in particular, were quite, quite weird.

Mee-gan shared the meme below with us post-reunion …


The reunion was at Kotara Bowling Club. Not the most salubrious of venues, but it had quite a few things going for it: proximity, not a bad chicken with cashews, cheap wine and a live band who launched enthusiastically into Dragon’s “April Sun in Cuba” not long after we arrived … which lead to me enjoying dinner and a show as lots of hammered middle-aged people (not my former fellow students, I hasten to add) got down on the dance floor.

I didn’t remember any of my former fellow students. OK, slight exaggeration. I didn’t remember many of them, even when their names were discreetly whispered in my ear by Mee-gan, who has a photographic memory for people we went to school with … and a higher IQ than me, as I discovered when I crept into the storeroom in year six at Bel-Air Primary School to check the test results because I HAD to know my official brain power after doing all those Mensa tests in Reader’s Digest.

I have a TERRIBLE memory, in addition to a non-Mensa IQ.

I did recognise Grant, mainly because I was scared of him at school because he and detention were such good friends.

Grant has grown into a lovely bloke who gave me a hug and attempted a chat over the ear-splitting music.

In fact, everyone was lovely.

But I am also totally hopeless at staying up late, so I called my dad at 9.30pm and asked him to come and pick me up … much like I did when I was in high school.

Bless him.

Here are some happy snaps from the night …


Did you go to your high school reunion? Enjoy it? 

Song of the day: Dragon “April sun in Cuba”





9 thoughts on “Surviving my high school reunion

  1. I couldnt get a word in between your mum & megan! Lol
    So unlike me – your dad & i just raised eyebrows lots…
    Was the best nite!! No1 has changed – i still see their teenage faces when i look at them… will have to get a feral to show me how to work my camera tho, that annoyed the hell out of me that i couldnt take lots of pics of every1 coz i couldnt find the flash! Lol

  2. Sounds like a really fun night. Especially watching the oldies on the dance floor. I haven’t been to any high school reunions but I really don’t think we’ve had any. Don’t know if I’d go even if there was one – although I’d be a little curious to see how everyone turned out.

  3. Looks like a good night was had by all! 👍
    Well, you’ve already heard from me about our KHS 40th Reunion at Merewether’s Surfhouse. We ended up with 59 former students (pretty proud of THAT effort!) but there were a couple of no-shows on the day. We even had a Donegan, too! It was bulk fun….just ask Leanne! 😉
    Mind you, we didn’t have a live band, but we also didn’t have to shout and there was LOTS of catching up to do after 40 years, so perhaps that was a good thing!

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