Cover your eyes, Geoff


The kids and I were looking at new cars on the iPad last night. The youngest is determined to have a green one. We’d been thinking about getting a Honda CRV or a Nissan Juke, but they don’t come in green.

So we’re thinking about getting a Subaru XV instead. It comes in a rather vivid shade of green that I think I need to see in real life before I commit. Otherwise, there’s a rather amazing orange one. I have a thing for orange, so it makes me a bit giddy.


I know I shouldn’t be buying a new car based on colour, but let’s be honest here: it’s not like performance is really high on my wish list. As long as it gets me from A to B and can accelerate to 110km per hour on the freeway … I’ll be a happy girl.

My friend Geoff, who used to sell cars, was keen for me to get a Honda CRV because – well, this is the only bit I remember – the back seats apparently go down at the touch of a button.

I was initially very excited about that function and I’m not sure the Subaru XV does it … but it’s GREEN.

The Subaru does have a really cool jack to plug your iPhone into. And some other fancy technology or other than I can’t remember either … something involving a bit screen …

Anything will be an improvement on my 13-year-old RAV4. It’s pretty damn basic. But there are fond memories. I recall being hunched over the dashboard in excruciating labour pain as my ex drove me to the hospital to have our eldest daughter.

OK, that’s not entirely fond … but it did result in the birth of our gorgeous daughter, who was strapped into a baby seat four days later for her first journey home, then strapped in again three days when I returned to hospital with a nasty infection and ended up on a drip for 24 hours.

The windows are covered in sticker marks from those exhausted early years when you decide, sure, the kids can plaster the car with stickers … anything to keep them quiet …

Blardy hell those things are tricky to get back off again.

And it’s covered in dings and scratches, so I never worry about parking it in tight spots and if I run into the side fence when I’m reversing out of my driveway, I laugh and shrug my shoulders.

Still, I think it’s time to let the old rattler go, despite the sentimental attachment.

I’ve talked to the bank about extending my mortgage and they’re gagging to give me more money now that I’m working full time. Property prices have gone totally crazy in Sydney since I bought my place, they don’t even need to send out a valuer, they’ll just hand over the cash.

So the kids and I are going to start test-driving in a week or two.


Do you have a four-wheel-drive car? What sort? Would you recommend it? Is it GREEN?

Song of the day: Snow Patrol “Chasing cars” (again)



4 thoughts on “Cover your eyes, Geoff

  1. The best green on a car is on the Mazda 2 but that’s a little small for what you’re looking at. We saw some green monstrosity yesterday and I can’t tell you what make it was – just that the green was hideous and vomitous. I love green and would have a green car in a second but there are some greens that don’t deserve the name.

  2. I don’t know if the Outlander comes in green but I will say it goes really well and has some cool features like seat warmers and phone jack points – the GPS is cr*p so don’t buy it for that feature !!!!

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