Champagne lifestyle … on a beer budget

At risk of being cut down, tall-poppy style … I’m having a bit of a purple patch with my work-related treats.

Last week, I got to test drive the Secret Hotels app. Yesterday, I took my night-walking pal Mel on a freebie overnight cruise aboard the Voyager of The Seas.


I’ll blog all the mad details tomorrow … this morning is a bit fuzzy from lack of sleep and cocktails.

The experience had a slight sense of deja vu about it since Sunday evening was also spent in a splashy fashion, celebrating my sister’s birthday in her new spa …


… with sushi and champagne …


… and a borrowed bikini …

I haven’t worn a bikini in yonks … make that decades …

So I was a little startled to walk into Seafolly and discover two triangles of lycra with straps cost $89 … and that’s just for the top.

Fark. I am SO in the wrong industry.

Song of the day: Nick Cave “The Ship Song”



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