When things don’t go according to plan

sandcastle cake

The birthday cake inspiration. Cool, huh?

I love it when a plan comes together. I hate it when it doesn’t.

But I am trying to be a zen mama (these days), so I’m keeping my cool about the eldest’s birthday party plans hitting a major stumbling block.

The party was supposed to be at my sister’s house. My sister has a bewdiful new home renovation. We luxed there last night for my nephew’s 13th birthday. The deck is awesome – it has heaters in the ceiling and everything.

As we sat on the deck, my mother regaled everyone with tales of holidaying with me in Hawaii when I was 22. I faxed her a packing list prior, which even included how many pairs of undies she should take.

True story.

I also faxed a map of the local shopping centre, with our proposed store route dotted on it. And a list of where we’d be dining for each meal.


Mum and I in Hawaii. I have no idea why the airhostess asked mum if her "son was over 18" on the flight home.

Mum and I in Hawaii. I have no idea why the hostess asked mum if her “son was over 18” on the flight home.

But back to the party snafu …

There’s a fabulous in-ground pool taking shape in my sister’s backyard, with sexy, raised spa. That’s where the Hawaiian birthday soiree was supposed to be centred. I had visions of giggling 11-year-olds crammed into the bubbling water, sipping mocktails with umbrellas in them.

My sister sent a very apologetic text a few days ago with tragic news: the bubbling mocktail sipping scenario was a no-go. There’s been a sealing delay. Or fencing. Or something. I forget. I was too panicked to read it properly.

I frantically started searching “spa hire” … felt a bit sick at both the cost and palaver, then had a brainwave to hold the party at our local harbour pool.

The eldest (bless her) was stoked with the idea, especially when I said we’d invest in $200 worth of pool toys as party fun.

So that’s our destination for today. We’ve hitting Kmart, Target, Toys R Us and Rebel in search of the most bang for our birthday buck. I am anticipating Rebel will be the least bang for our buck after buying a $19.95 pool volley ball set for my nephew’s birthday there, walking five metres across to Toys R Us and discovering the same pool volleyball set for $14.95.

Rebel were stupid enough to send me a customer satisfaction survey afterwards. I was not gentle with them.

Song of the day: Van Morrison “Days like this”






2 thoughts on “When things don’t go according to plan

  1. Sooooo … how many undies *do* you take on a holiday? One for each day? Or do you allow for a turn-them-inside-out day? Not that I would ever do that, of course.
    ps. Good luck with the pool party!

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