Ooooh, I feel loooove

Have I told you the story of my combined bucks and hens night? Husband, being the metrosexual type, wasn’t keen on a lion-dancing, stripper-jiggling affair. So we celebrated our impending nuptials with a unisex bash at an inner-city pub. Towards the end of the evening – prior to stumbling to Hungry Jacks – I got […]

Googled by my gyno

I returned to the gynocologist yesterday to discuss my plumbing issues. He was totally cool with me not wanting to have my muffler removed via my tailpipe. So we’re going for plan B: something called a Mirena, combined with a “wait and see” approach. The Mirena is a type of IUD that releases hormones into […]

I need to run something past you

I’ve discovered over the past few days that I’ve hurt a few people’s feelings with things I’ve written on the blog. I really, really hate hurting people’s feelings. And one of the person’s feelings were hurt completely unwittingly. Perhaps I’ve lost perspective on boundaries? I’ve reread the blog that offended them and I’m still not […]

Bringing back “bulk fun”

I appear to be single-handedly bringing “bulk fun” back into the Aussie lexicon. Although I’m sensing some people hadn’t realised it was there in the first place. Maybe it’s a Newcastle thing? Anyways, it’s one of my little verbal mannerisms that’s hung around since teenhood and has infiltrated the blog over the years … along […]

Long, hard nights of weeping

Separated life is a rollercoaster, I’ve just got to ride it. Last week, my carriage hurtled into one of the dips and got stuck. Equipment malfunction. It finally started edging its way back up the incline on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday I was good again. Not high as a kite, but in a nice, comfortable […]

RSVP, we need to talk …

It’s been a week since we first got together RSVP and I think it’s time we had a little chat. Our relationship has been … unusual. And I’m not sure it’s going anywhere. I’m flattered by the attention you’ve been lavishing on me – and all those “kisses” – but I’m not sure we have […]

A supposedly fun thing

I almost killed my kids yesterday. Not in a you-are-driving-me-crazy way. We live in a dim, cool semi. I had no idea Sydney was having an outrageously unseasonable heatwave. So I crammed a backpack with leftover pizza and Oreos and took the kids and the dog on a looooooooong walk. It was very picturesque … […]

#FeelingNuts: the celebrity edition

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is so last week in the celebrity world … now it’s all about #FeelingNuts, which raises awareness for testicular cancer by encouraging men to check their testicles for abnormalities. British organisation Check One Two started promoting the campaign via YouTube in June and it’s started gathering momentum in la-la land. Check out […]