I turned down Orlando Bloom


Now that I have your attention … I didn’t so much turn down Orlando Bloom as show a distinct lack of interest in him.

I’m not sure what it says about me. Either I have boulders in my head or that I’ve matured in some belated and completely unexpected fashion.

Right … Time to stop stringing you along and explain what happened.

My boss asked if I was free this Monday night to do a phone interview with Orlando Bloom to discuss his favourite travel destinations (Ibiza with Erica Packer …) Now, I reckon the elfin Legolas is quite the sort, but I must be getting very old because I screwed up my nose and said “Hmmmm, what time? I have plans on Monday night.”

My “plans” are a night walk with my friend Mel, including a sneaky vodka, lime and soda at a pub around the halfway mark.

Mel, if you’re reading this make sure you dine out on it: “My friend Alana turned down Orlando Bloom for a date with me.”

I really love my night walks with Mel.

I’m pretty evangelical about the benefits of night walks generally. The crisp air, the darkness, the endorphins, the no-holds-barred chatter, the sneaky vodka… It’s impossible to be miserable on a night walk. The world is too lovely.

I keep telling friends who are going through rough times to give night-walk therapy a try.

It’s far better for the soul than mooching on the couch … or quizzing Hollywood mega hunks about their carry-on.

Song of the day: Ed Sheeran “I see fire”





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  1. I agree re the mooching and the quizzing about the carry on of hunks. Stick to the date with your friend. That night walking sounds like a good idea – a good way to fit exercise in (which is something I struggle with). I think I should try that myself now that the weather’s (supposedly) warming up a bit!

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