House narrowly avoids homelessness


Sometimes I wonder if I deliberately seek out high-stress situations. Take this week (and it’s only Wednesday morning) where I made offers on two houses and missed out on both.

The first – a brand-new semi – had been dragging on for weeks as my solicitor argued with their conveyancer about the fact there was no building certificate on the property, no record of the water board giving permission for them to build over the sewer, and a downpipe for the gutters that had been built on the neighbouring semi’s property.

The real estate agent and vendor couldn’t see why any of those things were an issue, but we finally managed to get appropriate clauses inserted into the contract. Then, on the day I was supposed to sign on the dotted line, someone who wasn’t worried about any of those minor trifles (fool) offered $100,000 more than me. The agent wanted to know if I was prepared to up my offer, but I SO didn’t have $101,000 more in me.

The same day I offered what I thought was a juicy price for another house. Yesterday at 9.30am I was informed someone had offered $30,000 more than me. Again, I SO didn’t have $31,000 in me.

To be honest, I didn’t have the money in me that I’d already offered – I was going to have to borrow it from Husband. Not an entirely awesome scenario.

So, there I was yesterday morning with nuthin’ and the pressing need to vacate my current abode by next Friday. Eeeek.

It was kinda tricky explaining to the removalist who came over to quote that I had no idea where he’d be moving my stuff to … but hopefully would soon …

I checked out the rental market in my neck of the woods for under $800 – a reasonable sum I thought – only to discover that’s chicken feed.

I’d looked at one rental property on the weekend, nothing special, nothing terrible. (Check out the courtyard above.) So I thought I’d better make an application. Thank freaking hell they accepted my application. Things got a little tricky when they said I couldn’t move into the place until August 2, since I need to move out of here August 1, but they’ve thankfully agreed to let me in early.

Now I just have to hope the removalists can squeeze me in next Friday at incredibly short notice and at a reasonable price.

Phew, House has a temporary home and is hoping to start sleeping better than she has been for the past five months. Last night was my first unassisted sleep in FOREVER, dropped off at a decent hour and woke at 5.10am. Bliss.

Song of the day: Talking Heads “Once in a lifetime”

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    1. It occurred to me, reading this, that when you are a buyer, Real Estate Agents are like my customers…they take your price and shop it around until they get a better offer! Gazzumped!
      However, when you are a seller, they’re your “bestest friends in the WHOLE world” because they are the one’s doing the gazzumping! Grrrrr!

  1. As I was reading through I was going to say “RENT!”, don’t be forced by time (and other pressures) into buying something unsuitable. So I was relieved by the ending of today’s post. looked for a year before I found my inner westie spot – the opposite to what I’d been looking for. It’s a new 3BR two-story duplex. And it had an occupancy certificate too. Bonus! Good luck Alana. You’ll find your home once you have the headspace.

  2. Oh congratulations on getting that rental! The courtyard looks fantastic! You must be so relieved. You will feel so much better once you’ve moved in there, all ready for the next chapter. Love the title of this post, by the way. We can’t have a homeless House!

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