14 recipes with heart


OK, confession, I’m not the romantic type. At. All.

Flowers are wasted on me. Diamonds aren’t my best friend.

The last time Husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day was back in the Neolithic Age. And this happened (As originally told in Sucking The Romance Out Of Valentine’s Day)

We stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day after going to a fancy Sydney restaurant called Marque – pre-kids – one year. It reminded us just how unromantic restaurants can be on February 14. All the tables separated into two-seaters a mere handspan apart. Only being able to order from the set, expensive menu.

Our particular misfortune was the couple seated to our left. The man was age-challenged and in a wheelchair. The woman – well, Husband reckons she was a trannie – was of the trashy platform heels and blue-eye-shadow school. She also said “f@#k” a lot in a high, screechy voice.

The swearing started with the entree, which was some sort of coddled quail egg thingy.

“Oh my god, it’s f@#king raw,” he/she screeched.

Next came a carpaccio dish.

“I can’t f@#king believe it, this is f@#king raw too. If they f@#king serve me anything else that’s f@#king raw I’m going to f@#king say something to the f@#king chef.”

So we got a bit nervous when the rare lamb arrived…

But I do love a theme. And there’s something about searching for heart-shaped recipes that tickles my fancy. So I found these 14 awesome ideas for putting your heart in your mouth next Friday …

Like the Red Velvet-Marbled Cheesecake Brownies/balloons pictured above. They’re too divine. Get the recipe at The Novice Chef.


And I quite like the idea of presenting loved up bacon and eggs on Friday morning with these tips from Martha Stewart.

Why not dazzle the kids with a few heart-shaped treats in their lunchboxes? Learn how to make heart-shaped boiled eggs at Aeri’s Kitchen.


Or fashion these grape tomato love hearts for fruit break. Visit Recipe By Photo to learn the trick.


I know fairy bread isn’t nutritious, but wow this take on the kiddie favourite is adorable. German food blogger Ohhhmhhh came up with the idea of buttering a slice of bread, sprinkling it with hundreds and thousands, using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to punch another slice, buttering it and plonking it on top.

As for afternoon tea …


Try these fruity treats from Spoonful.


Or these fruity kebabs from Parents.com


These heart-shaped gumdrops are a sweet idea.


What about a little treat for your co-workers? Love these coloured shortbread hearts from Diamonds For Dessert.


I don’t think I’d be brave enough to try this Hidden Heart Cake from Boulder Locavore. But WOW.

No cash (or inclination) for a fancy Valentine’s meal out? Then serve a heart-y dinner at home …


Kick off with this luscious Beetroot Salad from Assia Kitchen.


Then curl up with a heart-shaped pizza. Instructions at Slice.

And finish up with these divine brownie treasure boxes from SheKnows?

Heart Shaped Roasted Potatoes

If that all seems a little too lovey dovey with the kids under foot, then just add a little extra heart to the family meal with these awesome roast potatoes from Haniela’s. Nom, nom.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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  1. we don’t ever celebrate Valentines Day and after breaking my tooth and requiring dental surgery on our wedding anniversary I suspect we might give that a miss next year too!

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