When some bunny loves you it can get … awkward

Husband continues to profess his undying hatred of my bunny. Last night he started fantasising about dangling a paw from the rear-vision mirror. The man really knows how to hold a grudge. I mean, just because the furry little bundle destroyed the electrical cords belonging to his TV, DVD player, 2 lamps, the fridge, the camera, the dustbuster, the computer, the heater …

And yes, I know, it IS rather distressing that there’s a large chunk out of the sofa.

But at least I don’t make us pose for awkward family photos like this …

And let’s face it, surely things would have been worse if I’d decided on giant guinea pigs instead … (WTF???)


For more awkward family pet magic, visit Awkward Family Photos.

One thought on “When some bunny loves you it can get … awkward

  1. When Jo put out a call for suggestions for pets last night on the iVillage Facebook page I suggested a bunny but told her not to read your blog about how bunnies destroy the joint (they sort of sound like neo-feminists). I guess I shouldn’t have tagged one of your posts in that comment. lol

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