More bitchiness

Mexico with the kids was a blast!
Mexico with the kids was a blast!

Here I sit at the computer at 4.13am. Bloody jetlag strikes again. She’s still being a total bitch.

I admit going to bed at 7.30pm last night may have been a tactical error, but I was totally shagged.

I could barely keep my eyes open during John Carter. What the hell is that movie all about anyway? Would I have appreciated it any better if I was bouncing off the walls? I doubt it …

Anyway, I can’t be totally surprised that I woke at 3am.  At first, I decided to wait it out in bed until at least 5am, but then I started to ache.

Finally, when it was obvious there wasn’t a single position that was comfortable, even flat on my back  (it’s a bit cruel that old age makes bed uncomfortable, just when you finally have a chance to spend lots of time there), I gave up and came downstairs to put my holiday photo gallery together.

I had given Husband strict instructions to download our happy snaps before he went to bed, so I could turn them into today’s blog. But he obviously forgot. And I don’t even know where the camera is to fumble about and try to do it myself.

So happy snaps will have to wait until next week.

I’ll replace them with a far less entertaining moan – again – about never travelling long distances by plane again. Not to mention never travelling without the Sprogs again – except, perhaps, for the occasional revive-the-romance weekend with Husband.

Like those ever happen. But a girl/middle-aged woman can dream.

I’ve come to the conclusion that holidays without the Sprogs aren’t quite the same. Easier, I’ll grant you. But less fulfilling.

All the stuff you can do without them – drinking in bars, eating in fancy restaurants, lingering in art galleries … it doesn’t quite compare with the joy of having adventures together as a family.

Their bright faces are way more fun than any gourmet meal. Although shopping solo is still pretty awesome.

Campervanning around New Zealand with them for a month might change my mind on that. Especially since the nine-year-old is already honing her sullen teen act.

But our next holiday is a loooooong way off. I might just focus on shorter-term goals instead – like keeping awake past 7.30pm tonight.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Get out into the sunshine for at least 15 minutes, preferably walking. It helps correct your melatonin and reset your body clock. And that’s it, just roll with it. Jetlag’s a bitch, but it’s kinda like a hangover – an awful reminder of awesome fun.

    1. Fortunately the hangover seems to be finally passing. Managed to sleep until 5am this morning, which I was regarding as a fail, until I realised that’s when I used to get up before the holiday, so it’s actually a win, as that’s when I’ll have to be getting up every day from Monday.

  2. I am treasuring our family holidays, with the realisation that with Mr 18 and Miss 15, the whole going away together thing will soon come to an end. It’s already tricky to find a match between school hols and uni hols for this year. But I agree, family holidays can be rather wonderful. So much shared experience. Some of my favourite memories are of holidays I had with my parents and sister and now our family hols.
    Good luck with the campervan though. You’re a brave, brave woman. When Mr 18 was a toddler, we, my parents, and my sister, spent three days sharing a caravan. Never again.

    1. I may have changed my mind on the campervan idea … I’m thinking driving holidays to visit friends in vaguely exotic locations (Byron, Melbourne, Canberra) might be the go – easier on the wallet too!

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