HouseGoesHollywood: Mag I Bought This Week Award, singer denies shagging Becks, sexy Ryan

The Mag I Bought This Week Award winner is …

I must be getting old. When I saw the latest weekly magazines at my local newsagent, the one I really wanted was Hello! magazine, with John Cleese’s 4th wedding on the cover.

John Cleese! I’m blaming it on lingering sentimentality after weeping my way through Hope Springs last night at the cinema.

Fortunately for Magland readers, Hello! magazine is a British publication and therefore ineligible for The Mag I Bought This Week Award.

So, what did the local mags have to offer? No wrinkly weddings, sadly.

So, which one did I choose? Pop over to Village Voices to find out …

Fry up Merlotte’s finest

Great news for True Blood fans: a new cookbook, True Blood: Eats, Drinks and Bites from Bon Temps, featuring recipes inspired by the show is being released this week.

Southern cookbook author Marcelle Bienvenu developed the recipes for the book with help from the producers of the show. It has cocktails inspired by vampire bar Fangtasia, Southern staples served at Merlotte’s and home cooking favorites like Lettie Mae Daniel’s Hoecakes and Jessica Hamby‘s Chicken-Fried Love with Gravy.

“Chicken-fried steaks and hoecakes are popular Southern dishes – delicious pancakes served with pure cane syrup and tender pieces of beef, battered and fried. What can be better than that?” Bienvenu told People magazine.

Another Baldwin in trouble with the law

In Case You Didn’t Know is reporting that Stephen Baldwin was pulled over by New York Police last week for making an illegal U-turn in Harlem: “TMZ reckons that after the police pulled Baldwin over, they realized that the actor was driving with a suspended license!


“He was promptly arrested and taken to a nearby jail where he was booked for aggravated unlicensed operator [of a motor vehicle].”

Don’t kill me, I didn’t shag Becks

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins (Doctor Who fans will recognise her from one of the Christmas specials) startled her Twitter followers last week when she denied having an affair with David Beckham, as most of them weren’t aware that the rumour was even floating around.

And then she had to call police when Becks’ fans started sending her death threats.

Says The Sun: “One threatened to knife opera star Katherine if David and Victoria split up in the wake of her decision to use Twitter to refute rumours of an affair with the ex-England skipper.

“Other trolls said: “She’s dead when I get her” — and: “I will kill that s***.”

‘A friend of the singer said: “She was disgusted by the abuse because it was so sinister and scary.

‘The threats started after Katherine tweeted on Friday: “I’ve read some horrible rumours on here and want you to know I absolutely deny I’ve had an affair with David Beckham.

“The rumours are hurtful, untrue and, my lawyers tell me, actionable.”

Ryan: why women love me

While on The Sun website, I couldn’t resist reading an interview with Ryan Gosling where he explained his appeal to women: “If I have any particular appeal to women, maybe it’s because I listen more than other guys do and appreciate how they think and feel about things.

“I grew up in a family of strong women and I owe any capacity I have to understand women to my mother and big sister.

“They taught me to respect women in a way where I’ve always felt a strong emotional connection to women, which has also helped me in the way I approach my work as an actor.”

Rupert exposes Prince Harry, then tells everyone to lay off him

Rupert Murdoch‘s newspaper The Sun, defied Royal pressure and published the nude pics of Prince Harry last week. Then, over the weekend, he told people to leave the beleagered royal alone. There’s a double standard for you.

Rupert tweeted on Saturday night: “Prince Harry. Give him a break. He may be on the public payroll one way or another, but the public loves him, even to enjoy Las Vegas.”

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting: “You knew it was coming … and now, so does Prince Harry — a multi-million dollar offer to get down and dirty in a XXX movie … courtesy of the biggest porn studio on the planet.

“Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch just fired off a letter to the royal palace in London — offering Prince Harry $10 million to star in a big budget adult film called “The Trouble with Harry” … thanks to his recent naked romp in Vegas.

According to the letter, the film would also star “little Harry” and would feature some REAL royal carousing — in the form of full-on boning.”

Hot pics & clicks

* Classy! Paris Hilton has gone topless for Russian GQ and she didn’t even score the cover.

* And the bride wore … yellow. Check out former Melrose Place star Grant Show’s rainbow wedding photos here.

* Check out Anna Paquin‘s twin baby bump here.

* Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s cutesy house is for sale. Get a sugar rush by clicking here.

* Kim Kardashian looks fetching in a rubber ducky headband at a baby shower.

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  1. Paris needs to go away. I’ll be so happy when she finally has a baby, gets stretch marked and flabby, and any remaining articles about her become bird cage liners. 🙂

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