Half-baked idea

What sadist mother came up with the concept of sending your child to school with cupcakes on their birthday? Twenty-six more bloody cupcakes. I’ve had it up to HERE with sugar, butter and flour. I spent all of Friday baking spider cupcakes, tombstone cupcakes and eyeball soup birthday cakes for Sprog 1’s birthday party. The chickens couldn’t lay eggs fast enough, I had to keep checking under their bums for more. Sprog 1 requested another batch of spider cupcakes for her school celebration today. So Mummy, with her pathological desire to please, spent yesterday afternoon mixing and baking and decorating again. Damn all those little licorice legs. My sister forgot the cupcakes last year. She was walking her son to school when he said, “Where are my cupcakes, Mum?” Hysteria ensued as she trawled every bakery in a 10km radius of the school for somewhere selling gluten-free baked goods (due to classmates with intolerances), before heading to Woolies, picking up a couple of cake mixes and dashing home to whip up a few batches herself. So much for work that day. I can’t believe my baby turns eight today. (But then, the gentleman teaching my scriptwriting course asked if I had a teenaged son to help me with my software. Technically possible. Still gutted.) Sprog 1 reckons her best present is ditching her car seat. She’s been mortified by her car seat in recent months, perched pelican-like in it, taller than your average 10-year-old. But Husband insisted she stay put until the clock ticked over to 12.01am. He’s a bit of a stickler. Her major gift, a horse ride, happened on Sunday. So this morning she’s just getting an origami book, a lizard necklace and a bobbing china owl with a wooden mouse dangling from its mouth (Husband thinks it’s hideous, I reckon she’ll love it). Happy birthday to my gloriously, unapologetically odd Sprog 1!

TONIGHT’S MENU: We’re going out for Sprog 1’s favourite food – roti bread and curry. I can’t tell you how well this diet of mine is going …

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  1. i must b the only parent who doesnt bake cupcakes… stuff that!!! i dont bake cakes for myself & the family, im surely not doing it for a pack of ungrateful little cows my kids go 2 school with!!! lol

  2. I did it in kinder and year 1, but by year 2 the novelty had worn off – thank goodness. We have a cupcake stall once a fortnight that each class takes turns at sending in cupcakes for to raise money for local charities, a much better idea. I’ve only had to cook twice for it this year.
    At our old school, the parents of the kids with food intolerances, like gluten, had a secret stash of frozen cupcakes in the staff room freezer, to prevent other parents having to stress about it, or their own child missing out on the fun.

    1. Our school does this too, which I think is great (especially for the terrified Mum of the child with allergies).

      PS. you are a saint, Alana!

  3. Well done mum. They look fantastic. I myself like to rush off to Woolies and by the pack of 12 pink and 12 blue cupcakes for $10 – my motto “If someone else can do it for you, let them”

  4. I almost a heart attack last year when I forgot those damn cupcakes!! Unfortunately the novelty still hasnt worn off by Year 4. this year I just made the mistake of making 24 cupcakes only for James to tell me half an hour before school that there was 26 kids in his class. BAH!!!!!

  5. Nothing beats a packet (or 2 or 3) of Freddo Frogs. My son’s birthday often is around Easter so I would send a bag of Easter eggs for his birthday. None of this happened when we were children. We turned out OK.

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