Colorado is calling me

The 2023 World Jump Rope Championships are being held in Colorado from July 16-23, 2023.

And it turns out the youngest has qualified to compete in four events: Double Dutch 1 x 60, Double Dutch Speed Relay, Double Dutch 4 Person and Double Unders.

Skipping Australia is holding an online meeting tomorrow for skippiers and parents who are on the Merit List for the 2023 IJRU World Championships.

Just one problem: the youngest is doing her HSC next year and says she can’t compete.

Whereas I’m like, SO WHAT if it’s the HSC, we could go to Colorado!

She seems oddly unimpressed by Colorado and says she would prefer a Scandinavian location.

Whereas I’m like, Colorado would be soooooooo awesome, can’t you just study on the plane or something?

Bloody inconvenient major exam clash.

In other skipping news, I had completely forgotten that the youngest’s skipping club is having a trivia night to raise money on October 22.

I think I may have blanked it out because I have spent the last 54 years of my life actively avoiding trivia nights. I’ve also accidentally double booked myself and said yes to a dinner party in Hunters Hill on that night. Ooops.

We are supposed to invite friends and family to the trivia night. I feel my friends and family would be even less keen than me, but let me know if you are a trivia junkie who enjoys Simon Johnson cheese plates and would like to attend (quite possibly without me).

There is also a raffle I forgot about, despite hitting my friends at Sydney Tall Ships up to donate a prize. Ooops again.

Here is a link to all the prizes and to buy tickets, which I am about to belatedly do …

Family and very close friends who happen to be reading this blog post … please buy tickets!

Everyone else, please give it an odd lazy thought.

PS DD suggested that I add a paragraph to yesteday’s blog post, but I didn’t get around to it. So here goes … Some things out of my control – a bit like this relentless wet weather – have buffeted me recently and my resilience is low. I can’t say what they are, but everyone is healthy and I haven’t broken up with DD.

There you go, you can relax now. I am currently mending the hole in my resilience and it should be more watertight in a day or two.

Life, eh?

Song of the day: Nelly Furtado “I’m like a bird”

2 thoughts on “Colorado is calling me

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  1. I agree with the ‘it’s only the hsc’ & to grab the opportunities when they present themselves.
    There is an extra 5 atar points if you compete at a national sporting event during the hsc year, that would surely cover for international events too?
    Amber competed in 2 national events this yr that took her away from school for a week each.
    Plus she had that week on the Gold Coast ‘studying & training’ for her birthday. The school were supportive of it all. I still think she will get enough marks to get into what she wants to do.

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