Something to celebrate

Every year on November 7, I drive to a dinky suburban teppanyaki restaurant to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. It’s a family tradition that we all love.

Last Sunday night was a special one: my nephew turned 20 (he’s no longer a teenager!) and he brought his girlfriend along.

She’s lovely, he’s a lucky man.

We’ve gathered around the teppanyaki grill for the past 10 years and our numbers have swelled along the way. My nephew’s little brother has grown from a tiny baby to having his own seat at the table, then there’s his dad and wife, his paternal grandmother, my sister and her husband, me and my kids and DD. It’s a bit of a trek for my parents these days, so they missed this one, but they’ve enjoyed many happy nights paying to have eggs thrown at them.

Here are some photos from our latest gathering:

We are fortunate that our clans can join together so convivially. There is always much laughter and chatter around the table. I feel sad for families who can’t share those moments together.

There are a few barriers to extended family celebrations on my side, but I will head out to dinner with my ex and the kids to celebrate the eldest turning 18 in a few weeks time. It’s a milestone in our child’s life that I am grateful we can mark together.

The eldest requested a burger with a view, so I’ve booked a beauty. His gift is tickets to My Chemical Romance. There won’t be any partying because of the delayed HSC. The eldest had his first exam yesterday, there’s a second one today, then a break of 16 days until the last two. Blimey, that’s a long gap.

So a few hours off for a burger by the sea won’t hurt.

It’s weird seeing your kids and your nephew grow up. It really does happen way too fast. One minute you’re wishing you didn’t have to build another damn sandcastle, the next you’d give anything to be digging in the sand with them again.

Song of the day: The Sugarcubes “Birthday”

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