The wrong kind of buzz

It’s a definite sign of middle age that I was in a group text chat last night about organizing a dinner that became about tinnitus. Three out of the four of us are suffering from it and we were discussing what it sounds like.

One said mosquitos. The other said low-level cicadas. I was about to say static, but low-level cicadas is probably more accurate.

Bloody ear infections and the damage they wreak. It was busy enough in my head before I introduced tinnitus into the equation. Now I’ll never get any peace.

My brain was also a bit hurty last night from writing stories ranging from a popular Riverina pub hitting the market, to an article about invisible aligners for teeth to a scientific report about a new COVID treatment. Freelancing is a diverse gig.

But it wasn’t all intellectual trauma … I am also sporting a new hairdo. I could not bear having long, straggly locks for a moment longer. I was a bit nervous to mention it to my hairdresser because he can be very strict about what I’m allowed to do, but he was all for it.

I love having shorter hair. I always feel lighter and brighter with it.

I also feel very lucky not to be in lockdown. Poor Melburnians. I agree with the cranky ones who are saying we need to stop quarantining travellers in hotels that aren’t build for that purpose. We should have been creating proper accommodation a year ago. Was the federal government in total denial about where things were heading? Are they still?

That said, we will need to open our international borders eventually. How will Aussies cope with visitors arriving and not quarantining when we’ve become so frightened of a few cases of COVID in our midst? The same goes for New Zealand, which pops the travel bubble at the merest hint of an infection in Oz.

It’s going to be curly.

For everyone not stuck in lockdown, have an awesome weekend. And for those who are confined to their homes, fingers crossed the situation is under control soon.

Song of the day: Enya “The Humming”

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