Walking it out

How was your Monday? Mine was gorgeous. I walked along the Dee Why to Manly coastal trail and so should you! The views are divine. I promise you will love it.

My Saturday walking friends decided we should take advantage of the three of us currently not working on a Monday, so we parked at Dee Why and made our way along the coastline to Manly. We also talked A LOT to ensure we got the maximum amount of cardio in our workout.

The walk is 6.4km long and we chose the most beautiful day for it – a balmy 23C in May, how good is that?

The walk starts at Dee Why Surf Club and makes its way through North and South Curl Curl and Freshwater beaches before depositing you in the busy heart of Manly.

We decided to meander beside the waves for the Curl Curl and Freshwater stints and it was so lovely to feel the squeaky white sand between our toes. The water was a gorgeous temperature, but there were pollution warning signs up – not good for someone recovering from a six-month ear infection – and I’d forgotten my cossie, so I just had to look longingly at the crystal clear surf.

I was still feeling a bit peaky from my weekend illness, but the joy of the walk revived me and I was feeling hungry by the time we finished – I slurped down a chicken pho soup for my lunch at a little cafe.

I’ve decided to let the pictures do the rest of talking today, here are some of my happy snaps – I freaked my friends out a bit when I clambered onto a ledge to take the one above:

Bliss! I rounded my Monday out by going on a 6km night walk with two of my other exercise mates. I reckon that means I’m definitely on the mend!

Song of the day: INXS “Just keep walking”

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