Positive signs

I feel weirdly happy despite what I’m about to tell you: my bills exceeded my bank balance on Friday, so I applied to access my superannuation.

It’s a remarkably easy process. You just fill out a few details on the ATO website and they let you know four days later whether it’s approved. Fingers crossed.


As for the weirdly happy part, I think it’s relief that I’m not battling to stay positive in a negative environment every day.

In other Friday news, DD arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep at 6.30am. I had a complete meltdown at 10pm the night before about my dishwasher not working and he decided to beat the traffic to sort it out.

It was half-filled with water and wouldn’t switch on. I was a very unhappy camper because it’s my fourth dishwasher in six years. The first one was an antique that came with the house, the second one was a shite Everdure, the third one was DD’s old one and packed it in, so I got a new Bosch a few months ago.

It seemed a bit cruel for the universe to add a bung dishwasher to my woes. Anyways, it turned out it wasn’t working because the power point in the cupboard has carked it.

I have no idea why, but the dishwasher has now joined the fridge and toaster on an extension cord while I await the installation of new power points in the kitchen this afternoon.

The fridge and toaster have been on extension cords for eons, due to me being trapped in the longest renovation EVER … that I can no longer afford.

After DD left I had a coffee with a client who is a JP, so she could witness my signature on my divorce papers FOR THE THIRD TIME.

You may recall my ex failed to sign them the first few times that I handed them to him and they lapsed, despite extensive nagging on my part.

As the JP and I were sipping and chattering at her local cafe, one of her friends came over to say hello. I explained why I was there and said “I’m really hoping I get a divorce for Christmas!”

She looked a little startled and said she was glad I had a sense of humour about it.

I think a sense of humour is pretty vital at this point.

(On the subject of my Christmas wish list, a job would also be very nice, plus some indoor plants and a new Tahitian print cossie from Seafolly.)

On Saturday, the builder came over to try and finish up the job, but it was a long to-do list: splashback tiling, rangehood door installation, rangehood duct installation, shower glass installation, second coat of render, removal of rubbish.

Elvis will be back in the building tomorrow to finish up.

Here’s a sneak peak of the splashback – it still has all the spacers in and needs to be grouted:

The exterior is another story – the side path has to be re-concreted and a few walls need to be rendered.

But I am super keen to get the inside the house done so the painter can splash lots of Dulux Glinks Gully around, the floorboards can be repolished and I can establish some semblance of non-chaotic home life.

As for the rest of the weekend. Well, I made sausages and mash and onion gravy for DD on Saturday night. Then on Sunday night we celebrated the Day of the Dead with margaritas.

I will explain later.

Hope you had a good weekend and didn’t get too soggy.

Song of the day: Carly Simon “You’re so vain”

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