We’re going to Worlds, baby!

Well, that’s another National Rope Skipping Championships done and dusted.

I don’t know who is more knackered – me or the youngest.

It’s a bit crazy that the person who didn’t spend a single minute of the past three days skipping is the one who can barely keep their eyes open, but it’s been an intense experience for everyone.

Before I moan and groan about that, I’ll fill you in on the exciting results.

The youngest did really well at Nationals and qualified for five events at Worlds: freestyle solo, freestyle pairs, pairs double Dutch, 4 x double Dutch speed relay and 60-second speed relay.

Woot! Go her!

She got Gold for her solo routine, which makes her the Australian Freestyle 13 yrs Champion, plus she took home a swag of silver and bronze medals.

The solo medal is really exciting as she normally only gets medals for team events.

Apparently it included two “level 5” skills, whatever that means – it started with some sort of back flip/mule kick combo and had a hand spring thingy in it. At least I think that’s what they were. Plus there was lots of spinning and jumping and twirling stuff.

So we’re off to the World Championships with Team Teal and a gaggle of other excited team members.

Worlds are being held in Ottawa, Canada, next year, so I’d better get cracking on refinancing my mortgage.

When we weren’t sitting in the stands together proudly watching our daughter, my ex and I were helping out on the T-shirt stall at Nationals.

Attendees purchase plain T-shirts and hoodies and various Skipping related transfers are hot pressed onto them.

My ex manned the hot press for a few hours on the first day, while I fluffed and folded the merchandise afterwards.

Fluffing and folding for eight hours turned out to be way more exhausting than I thought it would be and I was almost delirious by the end of the first day.

I felt so sorry for the Team Teal mum who runs the stall, as she did hundreds of presses after my ex headed off to be a skipping judge. It was quite daunting to see the orders pile up.

She’s a nurse and is accustomed to spending every day on her feet, while this desk jockey was aching all over.

I was going to chitter chatter more about our skipping adventures, but my modem or router or something decided to go psycho last night and I’m without wi-fi, so I need to try and sort that out. I was too tired last night after the club dinner.

Anyways, I’m a very proud mum.

I have no idea how my ex and I created an athlete as neither of us have a sporty bone in our bodies.

I was always last to be chosen for every team at school, so I look at her with a mixture of confusion and awe.

OK, back to the grindstone, bills to pay!

Keep your fingers crossed that my modem/router/something or other gets sorted soon.




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