Baby come back

It was bloody hot in Sydney yesterday and we needed to escape the house, so I took the youngest to the beach after work. It wasn’t just the heat that drove us out. I am very bad at saying “no” so I’d said “yes” to the eldest’s three Tuesday night sleepover friends staying another night. […]

That was a mistake

I saw The Favourite last night. I’d been dead keen to watch it since the previews first popped up in my Instagram feed. I wasn’t entirely sure of the film’s finer details, but the review headlines seemed good. The Independent said it was “a delightful film, funny, absurd, anarchic and profound.” raved that “The […]

Adrenaline rush

I had nerves of steel in my 30s. I’d spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on bidding wars for photos of celebrity weddings and babies and barely bat an eyelid. I’m a little more anxious in middle age. OK, a lot. I almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday when a message popped up on my […]

I’m not sure I want one

I’m recovering from a both-candle-ends-burning weekend. It kicked off with a remarkable funeral on Friday afternoon. I didn’t know the woman who’d passed away, she was the mother of one of DD’s friends, but it was fascinating to hear her life story. Born in Kerala, India in 1938, she studied to become a doctor at […]

Very very hawt

The eldest had the perfect excuse for not watching The Bodyguard with me last night. “I need to tidy up my room.” How’s a mum supposed to argue with that one? There may be dissension in the ranks on this one, but I thought Kevin Costner was v v hawt in The Bodyguard – all […]

I wanted it to be you

I’m getting close to owning JB Hi-Fi’s entire discount DVD collection … I can’t help myself – every time I see that yellow and black facade I slip inside to search for bargains. People look at me slightly askance when I tell them about my addiction. “What about Netflix?” they ask. No idea, no interest, […]

What are they searching for?

Every now and then I glance at the search terms that have led people to HouseGoesHome … and they’re invariably a bit whacked. Yesterday it was “is tom brady circumcised”. I have no idea and I’m fairly sure I’ve never written anything about Tom’s foreskin, so who the fark knows why Google sent them my […]

Happy thoughts

I spent much of my 40s thinking I would happy if … I’d be happy if I had a swimming pool. I’d be happy if I had a new bathroom. I’d be happy if I went to Hawaii. I’d be happy if I bought a new outfit. I’d be happy if I had a new […]

Back to reality

I blinked and my Christmas break was over. I’m back at work today. No more afternoon beach swims with a glass of vino on DD’s deck afterwards. Sigh. Meanwhile, the kids are being left to their own devices over the next few weeks … as I type those words I’ve realised it’s a little ironic that […]

Lump in my throat

I love you when you’re singing that song and I got a lump in my throat ’cause You’re gonna sing the words wrong – Riptide, by Vance Joy Whenever I hear those words on the radio, I think to myself that’s how you know it’s love: when someone swells your heart by being perfectly imperfect. Coincidentally, […]