Expecting the unexpected

I felt soooooooo relaxed last night. I couldn’t work out why, then I realised: I had a four-day long weekend.

I’ve no idea how it didn’t click beforehand, but geez I needed the break.

I took Friday off for a funeral, then headed into the long weekend without any major plans. The only outing in my diary was a walking tour of Chippendale to celebrate a friend’s 50th.

But the past three days have unexpectedly over delivered on fun.

The walking tour was an odd, lovely thing. We started at a pub called The Clare, which has been given a fancy makeover and connects to a groovy boutique hotel constructed from the iconic heritage-listed Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building.

I’ve driven past the old brewery so many times without realising the treasures it hides. There’s a Spice Alley filled with delicious looking casual Asian eateries and a cellar door for Handpicked Wines. After wandering past all the glorious smelling stalls, we headed into the cellar door for a flight of pinot noir tastings, as it’s the birthday boy’s favourite drop.

Then we popped into the White Rabbit gallery, which had the most remarkable art work on display in the foyer: lots of half-man half-dragonflies hanging from the ceiling, their penises on full display, swept back in mid-flight.

Then it was up to the top floor to see a remarkable installation of dangling, sea creature-like things … I forgot to check what it was called, but it was beautiful.

After that we wandered around the old CUB precinct a bit, went to whacked gallery that featured a video installation that sounded like someone scratching a very sharp object across glass. I have no idea who’d want that in their living room and I felt sorry for the poor staff having to listen to the high-pitched screech all day.

Then we paused to admire some amazing street art in Redfern before ending up in a cool bar called Misfits, where I couldn’t stay for a drink because I had to feed my kids and send them packing.

My second surprise adventure was to the wild west of Sydney. I headed to Cabramatta for a Vietnamese feast, then to Fairfield for Middle Eastern coffee and sweets and finally to Harris Park to check out a gorgeous sari store. I was very disappointed to be too full in Harris Park to try the Indian food because it looked sensational. I’m heading back there asap.

Yesterday I headed to my beloved Pacific Ocean to celebrate the lifeguards being back on duty. DD is very relieved they’re back as it means he doesn’t have to keep me safe in the freezing water any more. We really need to get him a wetsuit because he’s missing out BIG TIME.

I savoured a beachside BLT for lunch – bugger the reflux – and was about to wriggle into my wetsuit when I realised all the bluebottle warning signs were up. Dammit. There were also lots and lots of weird jellyfish. So I decided it was a nup and consoled myself with a bit of vitamin D time on the sand instead.

The weekend ended with a lovely glass of wine with my dear friend Orsola. She’s an astronomer, which is soooooo cool. We talked about the possibility of life on other planets, why we need a space station on the moon and other fascinating things. I loved it.

Such a nice few days. Very low key, but lots of fun.

I wish every weekend was four days long!

Here are some happy snaps (click on one to open the gallery and see the explanations):





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