Totally mixed up

It’s odd the things you get opinionated about.

Recently, I’ve become all mouthy about cocktails. You should hear me muttering at my desk at work: “Not more farking flower garnishes! Spare me the dried blood orange slices! Smoke … yawn! Pink drinks are SO last year!”

It’s weird that I feel so passionately about it considering I don’t actually DRINK cocktails very often. They’re not in the budget. I’m more a house Chardy kinda gal when I’m (occasionally) out these days.

But I populate an Instagram page for the drinks association and I’ve discovered cocktails are the key to “likes”.

Cider, on the other hand, is the kiss of death. Beer and wine aren’t far behind it. Strange. Although it’s still a great excuse to photograph drinks (and consume them) as it’s “for work”.

It’s a slow build with the page – I got pretty excited about scoring 86 likes on a purple cocktail last week (lavender is SO now) – but I seem to be getting the hang of what resonates. Arty combos are generally the go: enoki mushroom garnishes, activated charcoal, truffle washed gin … that kinda thing.

Forget the frozen margaritas or frozen anything really, even frose seems to have had its day.

So I trawl Instagram each day looking for my latest groovy cocktail photo find.

I’ve become quite choosy about the cocktails I feature. Those ubiquitous flowers and dried blood orange slices simply don’t make the cut, though I’ll occasionally relent and allow a plume of smoke or a pink drink.

Writing this blog post also made me realise that I can’t remember the last time I looked at a celebrity website. Isn’t it funny that one day you’re an expert on Hollywood, the next you’re a theoretical cocktail queen.

Life takes the most unexpected turns.

Song of the day: Beach Boys “Kokomo”




6 thoughts on “Totally mixed up

  1. Is there a colour that gets lots of likes? (I can’t help thinking of agonising colours for covers. Will this orange sell more than Cosmo pink? Will it? Probably not.)

  2. Cocktails make me go silly. Two cocktails and I just start giggling uncontrollably. When Scotto and I first met we used to have Sat arvo cocktails. We watched so many movies whilst sipping cocktails that I have no memory of seeing. Mushroom garnish??? Really? That’s a thing?

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