Back to earth with a crash

The real world can be a bit of a shock after the beauty of the Margaret River.

On Monday morning, as I sat working remotely in a Perth hotel room, I got a call from my sister: our dad was on his way to hospital in an ambulance.

Our mum was on a cruise ship. I was in Western Australia. My sister was having a nightmare day at work. But she downed tools and hit the freeway to Newcastle.

Turns out my dad, who is the fittest 76-year-old on the planet and eats like a monk, had a heart attack in the middle of the night.

He’s also the most stoic 76-year-old on the planet, so he did the blokey thing when he woke with chest pains and waited until morning. Then he popped into his local GP to let him know he was a bit concerned.


You feel a bit helpless when you’re so far away and something like that happens. God bless my sister for being there. She stayed by his side until yesterday when my mum’s cruise ship finally docked.

Dad had two stents put in his arteries on Tuesday afternoon and his daughters have been advised to get full medical checks because the surgeon reckons it’s a hereditary condition that caused the problem. Add that to all the other hereditary health issues my dad has: rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration, renal glycosuria … Yaaaaay!

I hopped off a plane on Tuesday night and drove straight up to Newcastle. I headed back to Sydney the next morning because single mum life goes relentlessly on. My wonderful sister stayed on, despite having a waaaaay more hectic job than mine.

We are all very tired. My weariness comes with a heaped side serve of guilt for not doing more to help.

Fortunately my dad is fine now, he’s at home resting and is expected to make a full recovery.

I’m also missing DD after all those lovely days we had together. Text messages aren’t quite the same as real-life hugs.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to my amazing sister.

Bring on the weekend.

Song of the day: Karma County “This is not the real world”









5 thoughts on “Back to earth with a crash

  1. Oh Alana, sorry to hear about your poor Dad. Hope you’re all OK (I’m catching up on your latest blog posts after I googled your chicken soup recipe). X

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