My new gig

I’ve started doing some contract work for an organisation that’s right up my alley: The Drinks Association.

As you might guess, it’s a liquor industry body. I’ll be doing its social media for a bit.

My first day on the job was a cushy one: a staff conference at a nearby hotel. I got to chitter chat about the future of the organisation and there was salt and pepper squid for lunch.


It’s a small friendly team and the office has fun stuff like free fruit, nuts and Diet Coke and a gorgeous outdoor pool, spa and garden area.

Day one was a little intense on the new information front, but I reckon I’ll pick things up pretty quickly.

The only thing that’s a bit of a bugger is that I didn’t get ANYTHING done while I was at home for a month.

I had all those plans to clear out the garage, scrub the house from top to toe, organise my life, that sort of thing.

Instead I sneezed, coughed, snotted and felt sorry for myself for three weeks.

Actually, I’m still coughing and snotting. I could have done without making such disgusting noises into tissues in front of my new colleagues throughout the morning.

Fabulous first impression.

Back at the office, one of my co-workers announced she’d had one of those Facebook albums printed. I had a flick through and she expressed horror that my infectious hands were touching it.

Anyways, wish me luck extolling the virtues of alcoholic beverages on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

Song of the day: Rupert Holmes “Escape” (with bonus The Village People!!!)


10 thoughts on “My new gig

  1. Well done on the new role. I started a new job this week after six weeks of doing pretty much the same as you X

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