HouseGoesHollywood: Kourtney is Scott’s “bitch”, Gaga’s gold-plated wheelchair, Liam dumps Miley


More bile from Kourtney Kardashian’s execrable boyfriend is fortunately balanced out by a hilarious video from Jason Bateman about toilets. Enjoy!

Scott Disick (re)confirms he’s a jerk


Kourtney Kardashian‘s boyfriend isn’t sorry he made her cry by slamming her weight. No, the man who thinks she should weigh 42kg ASAP after having his second child has come out fighting.

Scott Disick‘s taken to Twitter to comment on the backlash since the offending episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami aired.

“Never realized how upset people get when a person makes a comment about weight,” he said.  “P.S. anyone who has too much to say probably had too much to eat. #fatasses.”


And just to make you feel completely ill, he captioned the pic of the couple (above) last week with: “Damn, look at the body on that bitch.”

Lady Gaga’s gold-plated wheelchair


Lady Gaga has been confined to a wheelchair following hip surgery and, naturally, not just any old chair will do.

She’s had a 24k gold-plated one designed for her, with a black tufted calf leather seat and a removable leather canopy, by luxury brand Mordekai.

The designer said in a statement that he created the “chariot” in a week and took inspiration from a throne: “I certainly wasn’t expecting that phone call and have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed the Chariot, a chair fit only for a queen.”

Gaga has christened the chair “Emma”.

Birthday treat for Halle’s daughter


Forget cupcakes, Halle Berry‘s daughter Nahla will celebrate her 5th birthday this week with her classmates in a far more personal fashion.

Speaking to KIIS-FM‘s Ryan Seacrest, Halle said: “This year we’re taking M&M’s with her little picture on it [for her school birthday party snack]. You can do that now on the internet and put their face on it!”

After school, Nahla will celebrate A My Little Pony-themed party.

Trainspotting may finally get a sequel


In an interview with The Playlist, director Danny Boyle announced he’s hoping to adapt Irving Welsh’s follow-up novel to Trainspotting, Porno, into a film with the original cast, including Ewen Bremner, Robert Carlyle, Ewan McGregor, and Jonny Lee Miller.

“This has been a long time coming,” he said. “There’s always been this long term plan for Trainspotting 2 … I don’t think there will be any barriers to Ewan or any of the cast coming back. I think they’ll wanna know that the parts are good so they don’t feel like they are letting anyone down.”

Ewan McGregor wasn’t quite so keen when asked about the idea last year, saying: “I was always a bit loathe to do it, because Trainspotting is so important for me… It was such an amazing film that still stands up today. I think making a sequel to it is almost a dangerous thing to do. You don’t want to damage the reputation of the original film if you make a lesser version… That said, it could be interesting because it’s been so long, and [‘Porno’] is set 10 years later.”

The author, Irving Welsh, has his doubts too: “I think things have moved on since Porno came out over ten years ago, and the story of a motley crew getting together to make a gonzo porn movie no longer seems that edgy or interesting on its own. Porn/erotica is now pretty passe  …

“Because people love the characters and the actors who played them, it’s tempting to get everybody back together, but while reunions are always fun, I’d rather not do it all unless everybody was vibing on the material. I have great affection for Trainspotting and I wouldn’t want to trash that legacy for the sake of few quid in the bank.”

Liam dumps Miley


Could Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus‘ eight-month engagement be over?

Yes, according to Page Six, which reports: “Miley and Liam are done; it’s over. She likes to party really hard and can be pretty wild. It became a problem for him. They have broken up before, and are broken up again now. There was drama because she suspected he had a wandering eye. And she recently tweeted a denial that he cheated. While Miley has insisted they are still together, right now they are very, very much apart.”

Liam is currently in Australia spending time with his family and Miley has been spotted numerous times in Los Angeles without her engagement ring on her finger.

Another source added, “Miley is a fiery character, and they do fight, but she is crazy about Liam. She isn’t ready to accept it might be over for good.”

Celebs stop using toilets

Matt Damon held a fake press conference last month to announce his refusal to use a toilet until the entire world has access to clean water and now  Jessica Biel, Jason Bateman, and Josh Gad have announced they’re joining his toilet strike in a hilarious video.  The silly-but-serious campaign is led by Matt and the organisation he co-founded,

Matt was inspired to found after discovering 2.5 billion people worldwide are without adequate sanitation, 800 million people do not have access to clean drinking water every day and 4000 children under age five die each day from preventable water-related illness.

Check out the new video below to hear about Jason’s  toilet alternative and how Jessica makes a room smell like a singing hummingbird:

And see Matt’s original press conference here:

Hayden is TINY!


Actress Hayden Panettiere, who measures a tiny 5ft 2in has tweeted a photo of herself standing next to a giant four-wheel drive and captioned it: “I know I’m small, but COME ON! I think this should be my new ride. 

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