Slim pickings

Literally NOTHING has come onto the market this week for me to look at on Saturday. Meanwhile, I am getting endless calls from real estate agents wanting to know if I am interested in the slim pickings that I inspected last weekend. They have been getting quite uppity when I tell them I'm not interested.... Continue Reading →

It’s gone

My house has been officially sold ... contracts were exchanged on Friday night. Argh! Well, there's a cooling off period, so I'm not rushing out and putting a deposit on my dream apartment just yet. Not that my dream apartment is on the market anyway, but more about that later ... It was a bit... Continue Reading →

Skipping it

I feel like a slacker - I've pulled out of attending the State Skipping Championships to focus on apartment hunting ... just in case ... Well, that's my main excuse. The youngest reckons its not worth attending because it’s going to be a disaster. She hasn't practised enough and her body is falling apart. She's... Continue Reading →


Everything goes kaput at my place at 8am this morning for six hours. No power, no internet. NBNCo and Ausgrid are both claiming responsibility. Who knows what’s really going on. I seem to be hit with an awful lot of “planned maintenance” - alongside lots of the unplanned type - in my street. The initial... Continue Reading →

That was epic

I really don't recommend starting a new job the same week as your boyfriend has a birthday and your house is being prepped for an off-market inspection. It was intense and exhausting. After spending last weekend frantically starting the prepping process for the open for inspection, my nights were consumed with endless cleaning and clearing.... Continue Reading →

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