Drinks with Al: orange gin, spirit thieves & old colleagues

Last year I was yearning to do a podcast called "Drinks with Al" ... or something like that, I hadn't really finessed the name. I had a lovely chat to a former colleague who podcasts and got excited about the idea, despite having zero experience in the area - other than being a champion talker... Continue Reading →

The big reveal

The doctor called yesterday with my MRI results. He said they showed my brain looked completely normal. I thanked him for the good news, then told him that I was working for a women's health website and had numerous theories on the cause of my balance issues that we could pursue, including a thyroid test.... Continue Reading →

Losing the plot

I had my first-ever MRI yesterday. It was an interesting experience. You lie down, they give you ear plugs and headphones and put you in a helmet-like contraption. Then you slide into the MRI machine like you're a coffin about to be immolated. Instead of being immolated, you lie there completely motionless, clutching a little... Continue Reading →

My latest gig

I thought I should give you a few details on my latest contracting gig. I'm back in magazines, doing some digital work for Prevention. Prevention is a health title that targets women over 40. I've previously been a bit whatever when it comes to health stuff, but I've found myself really enjoying the genre. And... Continue Reading →

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