It hurts

I was convinced it was fatal when I woke up on Monday morning and couldn’t walk properly. The bit where my femur meets my hip really, really hurt. Some terrible bone condition, I decided. Dying. And then I realised what it actually was: muscle pain from bowling. I. Am. Getting. So. Old. How can a […]

Drinking with chickens

The world often breaks my heart with its hate and anger. I feel terribly sad when I scan the news websites each day. How can people have lost their perspective on the preciousness of human life? Closer to home, things can feel pretty precarious too. Modern living has filled humanity with so much anxiety that […]

My sneaky getaway

I’m writing this blog immediately after reading an article by Lana Hirschowitz about the perils of Australia’s drinking culture and how much it saddens her. And I’m feeling a little guilty: most of the photographs I took during my blog break involved alcohol. My excuse is that I needed shots to populate my work (drinks […]

Taking a break

I’m giving myself a few days off from blogging. It’s HouseGoesHome’s little anniversary present to me. I’ve had my ups and downs with inspiration over the past few weeks. There are times when putting fingers to keyboard and producing something by 7am has felt a bit bloody hard. I think some time without that deadline […]

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years

It’s a little jaw-dropping to realise I’ve been blogging at HouseGoesHome for five whole years this month. Wow the blog has been through a lot with me. Those first few posts weren’t too fabulous, though my debut included the gem: “I helped out at a ‘100 days of kindergarten’ celebration. Unfortunately it ended with Sprog 2 clinging to me and crying […]

The mag hag rises

I may not work in the magazines (or even journalism) anymore, but it doesn’t stop my brain whirring about the cult of celebrity. For many  years I’ve believed the way forward for gossip mags, in the age of paparazzi photos and celebrity news being incredibly hard to keep exclusive, was the have a bit more […]

So beautiful to me

I never tire of gazing at the ocean and hearing the waves crash, so when DD invited friends up for Sunday lunch I suggested we do a bit of sightseeing while they were in the Northern Beaches ‘hood. Top of my list was Barrenjoey Lighthouse, so we could combine viewing pleasure with hard yakka. The […]

Celebration time

It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow. We celebrated last night at my sister’s place. Most family events play out my sister’s deck these days – weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Easter – though my mum reckons my 50th should be a Waikiki affair. She’s piling up the Frequent Flyer points … who am I to argue? My sister’s […]