It is done

I've solved my house renovation puzzle. The plan is DONE. It only involves expanding an existing toilet into a hallway to become an ensuite and getting some new windows to replace the current crappy aluminium ones ... oh and some plantation shutters from my brother-in-law's Choices store at St Leonards. No walls to remove, no... Continue Reading →

Abandon ship

I’ve officially entered day four without electricity. The kids were due home from their dad's place last night, so tough decisions needed to be made. While I was adapting to candlelight, scant mobile phone reception and showering at the gym, I figured that wasn't going to fly with teenagers. The latest word from Ausgrid: "Customers... Continue Reading →

Lucky and unlucky

Sometimes you lose sight of the bigger picture. One of my blog followers reminded me yesterday that while there’s no power at my house following Sydney's cyclonic storms, at least I’ve had rain. She lives in a country area that’s still facing Level 5 water restrictions. I was also admonished by a workmate for moaning... Continue Reading →

Can you imagine?

I am obsessed with the cruise ship that’s gone into quarantine with 3700 passengers on board in Japan. Completely and utterly obsessed. It's believed the virus was brought on board the Diamond Princess by an infected 80-year-old Hong Kong man, who joined part of the 14-day cruise, then tested positive for the virus after disembarking... Continue Reading →

So freaking late

I was really, really, really late for work yesterday. I finally bolted through the office door at noon. Noon! The youngest needed to go to the orthodontist at 9am and the dermatologist at 10am. The dermatologist was running late, then injected anaesthetic into the youngest's hand for a procedure, then we had to sit in... Continue Reading →

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