That’s a bit sick

There are heaps of snarky memes in cyber space along the lines of "Mum flu: like normal flu, except no one gives a shit" and "I'm sick, looks like I'll be sleeping and laying in bed all day. Oh wait, I'm a mum." It goes up a notch when you're a sick single mum because... Continue Reading →

Wearing the uniform

The eldest is angling to change high schools again. My ex was a bit lairy about it, but we went to an open day at the new school last night and he was hooked. It’s just for year 11 and 12, with a strong focus on the creative and visual arts, which is part of... Continue Reading →

I’m missing it

Every now and then I feel a sharp pang of longing to work in magazines again. Actually, there have been two pangs in the last week. The first one came during a three-hour brainstorm for a magazine that's produced for The Drinks Association. I loved talking to the publisher and editor about paper thickness, show... Continue Reading →

Such a dangerous rort

Dear NSW Government Revenue, I am writing about your email to me regarding my penalty notices for driving an unregistered vehicle and not having a validated green slip. You say you "considered the circumstances" I presented and determined my penalties should still apply. You tell me that "driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and potentially... Continue Reading →

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