The best gift of all

Topping the youngest’s birthday wish list was to have teppanyaki with her cousin. The youngest adores her cousin … and our local dodgy Japanese restaurant. So we gathered there to mark her double-digit birthday. Much fun was had by all. I even managed to catch some fried egg in my mouth – I’m usually totally unco […]

Celebrating with my baby

The youngest has hit double digits! She turns 10 today … wow, where have the years gone? She didn’t want a party this year, just a little celebration with her two best friends. So no crazy themes and party food ideas from me. We settled on high tea at Mosman’s Boronia House last Sunday. She […]

Lurking in the shadows

I don’t get many comments on the blog, so I’m always pleasantly surprised when a new message pops up from a stranger. If they’ve taken the time to reach out, it means I’ve really connected with them. My daily stats suggest I have a small but loyal bunch of followers. It’s a nice feeling, because it […]

My mid-life ‘awakening’

I read a story yesterday that both struck a chord and made me recoil slightly. It was by a bloke called Adam Gilad and it was called I Didn’t Have A Mid-Life Crisis After Divorce. I Had A ‘Mid-Life Awakening.’ It struck a chord because I related to that moment he felt reborn, when realised […]

How the stars celebrated St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day was never that big in Australia, so aside from wearing my lucky green undies every birthday and having an Irish name, I never really thought it was much of a big deal. But now I’m on Instagram my feed is FULL of green greetings from celebs. Mind you, they don’t come until […]

My sweet birthday celebration

Turning 48 wasn’t too shabby after all! I had some lieu time up my sleeve from work, so I ducked up to DD’s neck of the woods for a few hours by the beach yesterday. DD was offering fancy brekkie options, but I just wanted a BLT at a little outdoor cafe beside the sand […]

Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!

  Yesterday was pretty typical of how things have been rolling for me lately … a bit like Topsy Turvy Land from The Faraway Tree. I was thrilled when two of my stories went totally off at Kidspot and I enjoyed a brilliant lunch with two old colleagues. Then it all came crashing down when […]

Is it time?

I’m thinking about the book again. You know, writing one. It will have a lot of swearing in it, because there are lots of swear words bubbling out of me at the moment. Do you think lots of swearing will put people off? I’m thinking the book will be fiction. Well, along the lines of […]

My lady burgers are in demand

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but I barbecued for the first time last weekend. How did I get to age almost-48 and never use tongs in an outdoor setting? I have no idea. My ex did all the barbecuing during our 23-year relationship. It was just one of those unspoken rules. He was […]