When some bunny loves you it can get … awkward

Husband continues to profess his undying hatred of my bunny. Last night he started fantasising about dangling a paw from the rear-vision mirror. The man really knows how to hold a grudge. I mean, just because the furry little bundle destroyed the electrical cords belonging to his TV, DVD player, 2 lamps, the fridge, the […]

There are no secrets in suburbia

My friend sent me an email yesterday afternoon called “Mel’s Tans”. She’s eager to give her new spray-tan gun a work-out, so she’s “open for a pre-holiday tan tomorrow” … Sadly, I’m not going on holiday, so I can stay pasty white.  But it’s the perfect excuse to run my third most popular HouseGoesHome blog of […]

The stuff of kids’ nightmares

You know how I’m ga-ga for David Duchovny? Just in case you’ve somehow missed this obsession, here’s a quick refresher: when the X-Files was the hottest thing on TV I got all gooey for David, who played the lead character. The fascination started as a teen and continued through my early twenties, to the point […]

HouseGoesHollywood: weddings, babies and $4.5million closets

Ironically I was in Los Angeles last week for work and totally out of touch with what was happening in Hollywood. Here’s what I missed … >> Anne Hathaway is selling her Brooklyn apartment (below). And I love the way Today reported it: “Actually, a clarification: Anne Hathaway is selling her Brooklyn closet.” Apparently the actress […]

The truth hurts (and it’s UGLY)

I got off a plane at 6am yesterday and scored the most beautiful run through the airport – straight up to a bloke at border control, bag off the carousel within 10 minutes, straight through customs … so I figured I deserved a shower and a hug. I took a deep breath and paid for […]

Trust no-one?

I’m beginning to think Mulder was right with the whole trust no-one thing. He’s lucky they didn’t have Facebook back then, way scarier than alien/government conspiracies. I’m relatively new to the Facebook world. It was strange uncharted territory a few years ago. Now it’s my personal and professional newsfeed all rolled into one. I love […]

Poorly in Pasadena

Leaving home makes me sick … Literally. I’ve snuffled/spewed my way through Koh Samui, Singapore, South Carolina, Fiji … and now Pasadena. Yep, I am poorly. Woozy in prone postion on hotel bed unable to speak beyond a croak poorly. Totally freaking inconvenient when I am supposed to be hugging men in sloth suits and […]