HouseGoesHollywood: Nigella’s slimy ex strikes again, Wills goes wild

Things that make you go ewwwwwww … Charles Saatchi has taken his new flame to the same restaurant as those infamous photos with ex-wife Nigella were snapped. In happier news, Prince Wills and Becks go wild together. Welcome to another weekend gossip round-up. Dinner deja vu leaves bad taste in mouth Charles Saatchi is dating What... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: weddings, babies and $4.5million closets

Ironically I was in Los Angeles last week for work and totally out of touch with what was happening in Hollywood. Here's what I missed ... >> Anne Hathaway is selling her Brooklyn apartment (below). And I love the way Today reported it: "Actually, a clarification: Anne Hathaway is selling her Brooklyn closet." Apparently the actress... Continue Reading →

Trust no-one?

I'm beginning to think Mulder was right with the whole trust no-one thing. He's lucky they didn't have Facebook back then, way scarier than alien/government conspiracies. I'm relatively new to the Facebook world. It was strange uncharted territory a few years ago. Now it's my personal and professional newsfeed all rolled into one. I love... Continue Reading →

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