Tips please

As I write this blog poolside … I know SHUT UP … I should be in relaxed holiday mode, like the couple whose tongues haven’t left each other’s mouths since they entered the water. But I can’t stop thinking about how many faux pas I have committed within less than 1 hour of arriving at […]

Nuggets and $300 champagne … As you do

Travel’s funny. You find yourself halfway across the world in an old friend’s hotel room ordering chicken nuggets and fries from room service to accompany your freebie bottle of $300 vintage pink champagne (scored during some snafu on the plane) you’re sipping while you admire the personalized initials the hotel has sewn onto his pillowcase […]

HouseGoesHollywood: amazing celebrity houses (and wife swaps) revealed

This week had it all – a new celebrity resident for Sydney, Gisele Bundchen’s moat, Alyssa Milano’s “sex tape”, Clint Eastwood’s wife swap, Alec Baldwin’s adorable bub, Scarlett Johannson’s gorgeous ring and Kate Bosworth’s amazing wedding … here are all my favourite moments in one juicy post … >> Angelina Jolie arrived in Sydney yesterday […]

Small world syndrome strikes again

So I had dinner with a friend from my Cosmopolitan days (a way sexier term for a time in my distant past than “The Recession”, I must remember that in my next dealing with a young person) on Wednesday and I couldn’t help boasting “I’m going to Los Angeles on Saturday!” He stared at me […]

Not pregnant, just fat

So, I was on the bus last night when a woman – she was probably around 30, I reckon – offered me her seat on the bus. Wasn’t that nice of her? Except … As I noted on Twitter: “Sigh a woman just offered me her seat on the bus. She obviously thinks I’m a) […]

Go the gingers!

It ain’t easy being a redhead. You’re pale, you’re freckly, your hair is a weird colour and people make fun of it. So it fills my heart with joy when I see photos of Roodharigendag, a yearly festival in the Netherlands for people with naturally red hair. Held last weekend in Breda, more than 5000 redheads from 80 countries attended, with the […]

I hate travelling but …

Somehow I’ve cheerfully agreed to go to Los Angeles for four days … ah, I know, it’s a tough life. Well, it IS a bit of a logistical nightmare because I leave on Federal Election day and Husband will be working until VERY late that night. So I’ve organised a flight that allows me to […]

HouseGoesHollywood: births, deaths and marriages

The cycle of life played out in Hollywood over the weekend as pregnancy news was shared, new bubs were paraded, an amazing journalist died and a middling actress got married. Here’s the lowdown. Suri breaks her arm It’s been confirmed that Suri Cruise has broken her arm. As People magazine notes: “Guess she has more […]