HouseGoesHollywood: Jim slams gun lobby, Lindsay’s a flop, Kim denies massive weight gain

Celebs have been busy making pointed remarks and shooting comedy sketches, with mixed results and plenty of giggles. Kim makes a point Kim Kardashian¬†has shared a close-up picture of her face on Twitter, covered in acupuncture needles. She captioned the pic: "Oh just relaxing." At least it's an improvement on the vampire facial pic she... Continue Reading →

A different sort of bunny party (no Hugh Hefner in sight)

It was party time in the Household yesterday. A bunny party to be precise. But it was as far from the Playboy Mansion as you can get - think 10 squealing seven-year-olds and lots of furry animals. Please remind me never to hold a kids' birthday at 10am again. My god it was frenetic getting... Continue Reading →

It’s been one of those weeks (saved by the Hammaconda – thank you, Jon!)

I know birthdays are supposed to be fun things, but sandwiching work between celebrating mine last weekend and Sprog 2's this weekend has been stressful. It feels like I haven't had a second to breathe, between all the celebrating and editing and writing and blogging and sending panicked emails to double check the animal farm... Continue Reading →

2 gorgeous granitas

My love affair with granita continues. I may never made another dessert. My latest icy treats: Bellini granita (inspired by the famous Ernest Hemmingway cocktail) and pear granita. Nom, nom, nom. Recipe: Bellini granita 6 ripe peaches 3/4 cup caster sugar 1 cup water 2 tablespoons lemon juice 375ml prosecco METHOD: ¬†Blanch peaches in boiling... Continue Reading →

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