HouseGoesHollywood: Jim slams gun lobby, Lindsay’s a flop, Kim denies massive weight gain

Celebs have been busy making pointed remarks and shooting comedy sketches, with mixed results and plenty of giggles. Kim makes a point Kim Kardashian has shared a close-up picture of her face on Twitter, covered in acupuncture needles. She captioned the pic: “Oh just relaxing.” At least it’s an improvement on the vampire facial pic she […]

2 gorgeous granitas

My love affair with granita continues. I may never made another dessert. My latest icy treats: Bellini granita (inspired by the famous Ernest Hemmingway cocktail) and pear granita. Nom, nom, nom. Recipe: Bellini granita 6 ripe peaches 3/4 cup caster sugar 1 cup water 2 tablespoons lemon juice 375ml prosecco METHOD:  Blanch peaches in boiling […]

Personal quirks

My little one turned seven yesterday. She’s not so little any more. It happens so fast. I can’t believe I used to wish away the days when she was smaller, desperate for her to talk so I could get to know her better. She was a late starter to the talking business. None of the […]

Spread the word

Being a blogger can be a pretty thankless task. Some days it feels like a full-time job that you’re not being paid a cent to do. There’s all this talk about “monetising” blogs, but that’s bloody hard thing. In Australia, few manage it and if they do, they need to have zillions of followers to […]

Please forgive me

I’ve let you down. The stresses of blogging for a living and for pleasure are piling up on me. I haven’t had time to write something fresh for you today, but because I’m compulsive and must blog – even though I told Husband I momentously wasn’t going to for the first time in memory – […]