She won!

The youngest is pretty stoked: she's the Pacific region winner of the CBRE Kids' Christmas Card Design Competition. She submitted a Santa drawing she did last year when she was 9, but she won as a 10-year-old. Here it is: The prize is a $100 gift voucher plus the honour of her name being mentioned... Continue Reading →

Food for thought

It still confounds me that someone who was so obsessed with cooking ... me ... doesn't care  any more. The kids and I generally rotate between a few favourites: spag bol, home crumbed salmon and baked fries, chicken stir-fry ... Pre marriage failure I was constantly in the kitchen experimenting. I was a professional food... Continue Reading →

Fortifying myself

My new job involves the occasional bottle of booze landing on my desk to take for a spin. Poor me. The latest treat was McWilliam's Wines Spice Royale. As I noted on drinks central earlier this week, McWilliam’s Wines has released a new range of flavoured fortifieds: Strawberry Delight, Spice Royale and Espresso Press. Russell Cody, McWilliam’s... Continue Reading →

Mixology with a minor

The youngest was pestering me to "make something" with her yesterday. So we concocted some strawberry shortcake-infused vodka together. I'm not sure that's in the Mum of the Year handbook. The youngest was initially resistant to making infused vodka until I pointed out she was currently sugar free and couldn't eat baked goods anyway. And... Continue Reading →

Oh. Em. Effing. Gee

Remember those beans I mentioned ... the ones I accidentally slow-cooked for 12 hours on Sunday ... Well, yesterday morning before work I turned them into duck fat refried beans and rice. Oh-em-effing-gee they are amazing. Sooooo not diet food and very spicy, but bloody beautiful. The dish was sparked by the impulse purchase of... Continue Reading →

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