Making the world’s most expensive granola

Remember how I stayed with my lovely permaculture friends in The Channon recently at their Air BnB cabin? And remember how they’d feed my kids brekkie every morning while I lazed around on the cabin’s verandah drinking coffee? Well, one morning they made the most delicious paleo-style granola. I’m normally quite eye-rolly at the mention […]

Broken hearts (and awesome slow-cooker curry)

I felt like the most terrible person on earth yesterday afternoon. I suspected trouble was brewing when my ex sent a text saying the youngest was “v excited about trapeze.” When I picked her up from school she started hyperventilating about how she couldn’t wait to see her trapeze. So I broke the sad news […]

20 awesome leftovers recipes

Where do you stand on leftovers? It’s a topic that’s more polarising than a Kardashian wedding. Some people have the absolute horrors at the mere thought of eating old food and insist upon throwing all their dinner remains out. I don’t get it. I love ’em. Always have. My favourite brekkie in my hungover youth […]

I’m having a Vietnamese moment

I love Asian food. Living in Singapore for two years was heaven. All that gorgeous Nonya, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian and Vietnamese food to scoff morning, noon and night. And usually only $2-$3 a plate. Ah, those were the (early Noughty) days! While Malaysian is probably my favourite cuisine on the planet: char kway teow, […]

My week: I need a doctor/house call

Enough is enough. I can’t handle it any more. It’s been two weeks and four days since I got sick with some flu-like thing and I’m still not feeling right. I. Am. So. Over. It. I wept in the shower yesterday in sheer frustration. So my goal for next week is to get some medical […]