It’s kinda weird, but I like it

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee! It’s already shaping up to be a good one, albeit with a few quirks. But I figure quirks are part of the territory when you’re 12 months off the big 5-0. There’s the pile of gold-polka-dot-wrapped birthday gifts waiting on the dining table from my kids via my ex-husband … There’s […]

The right thing

My ex dropped off an armload of presents yesterday for the kids to give me on my birthday. It was a nice gesture. Our marriage crashed and burned, but he tries to do the right thing post separation. He did the same when my dad ended up in hospital twice following his recent heart attack, […]

Totally mixed up

It’s odd the things you get opinionated about. Recently, I’ve become all mouthy about cocktails. You should hear me muttering at my desk at work: “Not more farking flower garnishes! Spare me the dried blood orange slices! Smoke … yawn! Pink drinks are SO last year!” It’s weird that I feel so passionately about it […]

Yes, there were dramas

I only told you half the story yesterday, when I recounted my idyllic weekend at Nookfest 2017. I made it sound all lemonade and fairy bread but, of course, there were dramas. There are ALWAYS dramas. I am a drama magnet. The dramas started around 6.30pm on Friday night (well, they started a bit before […]

I survived Nookfest 2017

I’m just back from Nookfest 2017 – it felt pretty special to be invited again, especially since I had such an awesome time last year. One of DD’s besties, DE, is one of the organisers of the annual event. It’s a private musical festival, held on his farm down south and it ROCKS. This year […]

Given up

I got a bit of a shock when I saw these words on fellow blogger Pinky Poinker’s site yesterday: I’ve given up my personal Facebook page for Lent after the disgraceful post I accidentally put on my dear friend, Alana’s Facebook feed. It was the least I could do. I just don’t trust FB anymore. […]

Maybe it never happened

Yesterday was a bit weird for me. Mia Freedman was the guest speaker at a Women in drinks International Women’s Day event I attended. I was in charge of the communications and helped out on the day. Mia and I didn’t cross paths. I could have woven my way through the 450-strong crowd to say […]

Hot stuff

DD is getting so svelte he’s had to go shopping for smaller pants … but that’s not the hot stuff I’m talking about. (Although I did make him do a reluctant twirl in the Coronary Care Unit at the hospital on Saturday so my mum could check out his fitness progress. She was very impressed. […]

Just keep walking

Exercising – with friends or alone – was a bit of a life saver three years ago when my dearly beloved departed. I noted in a blog post after he left that I’d step into a gym class or put my runners on and go for a walk whenever it felt like I was going […]

Boxing it up

Two years after moving into my house, I still can’t park my car in the garage because there’s so much removal stuff jammed in there. Boxes are stacked everywhere. I’m a little ashamed of that chaos and my failure to resolve it. My chest feels a bit like my garage at the moment. So many […]