10 amazing loot bags

I’ve become a little fixated – no, really, me? – on Sprog 1’s party bags. I want them to be  a source of delight for their recipients. Since Sprog 1 is having a science experiment party, I’m hoping to create something that reflects the theme. So I’ve been Googling myself into a coma as I […]

Advice please …

I’m torn, should I get Sprog 1 a Roadkill Toy for Christmas (for a Roadkill history lesson click here)? I’m thinking about Smudge the Squirrel (my favourite is Grind the Rabbit, but that seems in poor taste since Mr Bunnykins joined the family). Does buying Sprog 1 a Smudge make me a bad mother? Does […]

You’re a scream

Sprog 1 turns 9 today. I can’t quite believe it. God help me, she’s a tween. When she was born, she looked like this (enormous and cranky) … And pretty much stayed that way for the next three months. I thought all babies wailed that much (until Sprog 2 came along and wailed much, much […]

Polar bear cupcakes

In honour of this week’s freakishly cold weather, I’m about to make 30 polar bear cupcakes for Sprog 1 to take to school for her birthday tomorrow. Cute, no? I’m also wrapping her presents: Cluedo, a Dalek alarm clock, a cossie and the new Ruby Redfort book. I hope she likes them … RECIPE: Polar […]

Lying to a priest

Dear Katherine, I have a confession to make. I know Anglican priests (you go girl!) don’t take confession, but I’m hoping you’ll find it in your heart to provide absolution. There’s something I’ve been too mortified to tell you. The SMS you sent yesterday shocked me to the core. The words were so innocent: “Sorry […]

Kardashian or psychopath?

Husband fixes all his technology problems with Google search. He was typing in “I want to see my Genius …” something or other … whatever that means … I don’t understand iTunes … when he noticed a funny thing. The moment he got to “I want to see …” the most popular search terms starting […]