Getting the snip

OK, so yesterday was pretty traumatic. I got the bunny neutered. The bunny almost had a nervous breakdown the moment the vet touched him during the preliminary examination. I was partially eviscerated while trying to prevent the bunny plunging to almost certain death from the examination table. (Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but my stomach […]

Fancy a shag?

My bunny wants to have sex with me. More accurately, he wants to have sex with my feet. He wants to screw my husband’s feet even harder. They must smell more desirable. It’s quite exhausting, having this black, furry thing constantly twirling around your legs, nipping you seductively. We both spend a lot of time […]

Puppy love

When I was 17, my mum got a puppy as a leaving gift from work. We called him Casper. My sister was initially underwhelmed. She’d been yearning for “a real dog”. When my dad got home from work and saw Casper asleep in my lap, he said: “I hope that’s a toy.” My dad didn’t […]

Going at it like rabbits

Someone’s getting a lot of action in the Household at the moment. And it’s not me. Mr Frodo Bunnykins is IN DEMAND. It’s hardly surprising – he’s pretty damn cute. The shagging festival began while he was being bunnysitted the other weekend. I got a text message from the school mum who’d volunteered to look […]

Going psycho

I’m compiling a list of instructions for our bunny sitters (we’re off to a wedding). They were pretty straightforward until things went a bit Gremlins last night. The rules for Mogwai were: never expose it to bright light (especially sunlight, which will kill it); never get it wet (which will make it multiply); and, most importantly: […]